Best ASICS Tennis Shoes in 2024: Our Top Picks

You need some new shoes and you want to know what the best ASICS tennis shoes are in the market and you are not sure what to you?

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We’ve done the research.

I am still not sure what is more important, having a good racket or good shoes.  Have a bad racket and you’ll struggle to hit the shots you want to, have bad shoes and you’ll have blisters and increase the chance of injury.

In my quest for the best ASICS tennis shoes, I’ve scrutinized the Asics range, a brand renowned for marrying comfort with cutting-edge technology.

I’ve wanted to write a review of the best ASICS tennis shoes for some time, it is hard to not notice the Asics shoes worn on Novak Djokovic’s feet every time he wins a grand slam.  If they work for him something must be good.

ASICS has always made good shoes and I think they have developed some really great shoes in recent years.

ASICS has played in advancing shoe design. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their 2024 lineup, where they continue to iterate on their already successful models to offer enhanced support, durability, and on-court agility.

With several hours of play under my belt, it’s become clear that ASICS isn’t just maintaining their high standards; they’re setting the pace.

Read our review of the best ASICS shoes in the market today;

Best Asics Tennis Shoes 2024 – Our Review

In this section, I will take a closer look at the standout Asics tennis shoes for 2024, focusing on their construction, performance on the court, and unique features that set them apart in the world of competitive tennis.

Even though I have considered many shoes, I have chosen 4 pairs in this roundup.  I believe they are the stand out shoes when compared to others.

Asics Gel-Resolution 9 – Our Top Pick

Asics Gel-Resolution 9

The ASICS Gel Resolution 9 is a classic shoe that was first introduced in early 2023. These shoes are worn by the Italian player Matteo Berretini.

Since then it has proven to be a top choice for durability among the ASICS tennis shoes. Its incredible toughness and comfort have allowed players to perform at their best with minimal concerns.

I have worn these shoes for several weeks now and the shoe’s upper and outsole have shown remarkable resistance to regular use and toe-dragging, demonstrating exceptional durability.

Additionally, the superb bounce back and softness of the shoe means I can move quickly around the court and I found the level of support good. Do note that the shoe fits tight, particularly for players with wide feet, and it’s recommended to consider the wide (2E) version for a better fit. 

I believe the ASICS Gel Resolution 9 is a great option for tennis players, offering stability, support, and excellent traction. The shoe’s design tweaks, such as the varied pattern for the uppers and the extended Dynawall feature in the midfoot, contribute to its flexibility and protection. The shoe’s overall fit and feel have been well-received by playtesters, making it a favorite for many players. 

Overall, the ASICS Gel Resolution 9 is a great choice for tennis players seeking a durable and supportive shoe that can withstand the rigors of the game while providing comfort and stability on the court. 

As with most Asics shoes, they look good as well so you can be sure to win in the style stakes also.

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Asics Court FF 3 – Most Advanced Shoe

Asics Court FF 3

Having tried out ASICS’ latest tennis shoe, the Court FF 3, for a few weeks I can confidently say that it lives up to its marketing claims of being the brand’s most advanced tennis shoe. It looks good, feels so comfortable.  It even smells great coming out of the box…

Through playtests and lab results, I can tell you firsthand its has amazing stability and secure fit, making it an ideal choice for aggressive players like myself who constantly move across the court to secure points. The durability of the Court FF 3 is also noteworthy, surpassing many other tennis shoes on the market.

This shoe is particularly sturdy on hard court use. Its top-notch abrasion resistance, excellent impact protection in the heel, responsive cushioning, unmatched foot containment, stability, and fantastic grip make it a good choice.

Novak Djokovic played a significant role in the development of these shoes, trying out many prototypes before settling on the three-piece sole design.

Testing the premium tennis shoe, it became evident that the Court FF 3 performed well, justifying its price tag. The stability it provided during dynamic movements on the tennis court was particularly impressive, instilling confidence in movement. The immediate comfort upon trying on the brand new shoe was a positive outcome, emphasizing the importance for tennis players, including myself, to find a shoe that feels good straight out of the box.

My view is simple.  If you can stretch the budget to afford these shoes, invest in a pair.  I think the Court FF3 offers excellent value for a high-quality, durable shoe – especially for club players seeking a reliable option that will perform and last.  Great work ASICs.

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Asics Solution Speed FF 2 – Best For Speed

Asics Solution Speed FF 2

The ASICS Solution Speed FF 2 tennis shoes are designed with one thing in mind, speed and agility on the court. It is no surprise that one of the quickest player on the men’s tour, Alex De Minaur, wears them.  

The shoes offer exceptional traction, stability, and support, allowing for quick and confident movements during play.

The grippy outsole enables efficient shot retrieval and critical direction changes, while the upper provides stability during side-to-side movements without feeling restrictive.

The Twistruss technology promotes unforced mobility, making the shoes suitable for agile players. However, some users have reported issues with heel slippage during quick take-offs, so individuals with this concern may want to consider a different shoe.

Compared to others, I found the shoes lightweight, wear-resistant, breathable, and they provide excellent impact protection and bouncy cushioning. They offer secure foot containment and a comfortable in-shoe feel. However, they may not be suitable for individuals with wide feet which is a theme amongst Asics shoes. 

Overall, the ASICS Solution Speed FF 2 tennis shoes are well-suited for players looking to enhance their speed and agility on the court, particularly those who prioritize quick, lateral movements and value lightweight, supportive footwear.

ASICS Gel Dedicate 8 – Best Budget Shoes

ASICS Gel Dedicate 8

I am keen to add a lower priced shoes that doesn’t compromise on quality The ASICS Gel Dedicate 8 is just that. 
This is a budget-friendly tennis shoe that offers good stability and a flexible feel, making it suitable for players looking for an affordable option.
The shoe’s upper is constructed with synthetic leather overlays to improve support, providing stability during lateral movements and rapid shifts.
Despite its low price, the Gel Dedicate 8 offers decent outsole durability, impact protection, and a stable platform, making it a suitable option for recreational players.
However, the shoe’s durability is a concern, as it may not hold up well over time if you are a heavy user of a tennis shoe.
While it offers good stability and impact protection, the toe box and heel padding were quickly damaged after a few months of having these shoes, indicating potential durability issues. I drag my foot when serving and put pressure on my shoes. If long-lastingness is a priority, investing in tennis shoes with higher quality may be a better option.
For its price, this is a good tennis shoe. It offers good stability, impact protection, and has a flexible feel. However, it may not last as long as some shoes if you put your shoes through heavy use.
Best ASICS tennis shoes

The Evolution of Asics Tennis Shoes in 2024

In 2024, I am pleased to see Asics continue to advance its tennis shoe lineup with innovative designs and features that cater to a wide range of players. The year started with a notable upgrade in the Gel-Resolution series, where Asics integrated a new FlyteFoam technology, providing better shock absorption and rebound.

  • Material Advances:
    • Twistruss System: Offers enhanced stability without sacrificing flexibility.
    • Flexion Fit Upper: Provides form-fitting comfort without compromising support.

Asics has also introduced Cooling Technology in their shoes, which has been a game-changer for players in hotter climates. The shoes come with a breathable mesh upper with reinforced PU overlays that increase durability while maintaining cool feet during intense matches.

Sole Durability and Tread Patterns: The outsoles received a noticeable update with a more durable AHAR+ material increasing longevity, especially on hard courts. The tread patterns are now aligned in a way that optimizes grip on different surfaces, enhancing multi-directional movement.

  • Weight Reductions:
  • Achieved through streamlined design, weighing less without compromising structural integrity.

Lastly, I’m impressed by the focus on eco-friendliness, with more sustainable materials being used across the product line. This initiative is not only better for the environment but also resonates well with eco-conscious consumers. Asics has indeed set a new standard for tennis footwear in 2024 that others are sure to follow.

Key Technologies in Asics Tennis Shoes

I’m focusing on three core technologies that set Asics tennis shoes apart. These innovations contribute to the brand’s reputation for comfort, support, and performance on the court.

FlyteFoam Midsole

Asics incorporates FlyteFoam technology into the midsole of their tennis shoes to provide exceptional bounce back and responsiveness. I’ve found that this lightweight foam formula, which uses organic super fibers, helps prevent the midsole from packing out, ensuring the shoe maintains its cushioning over time. The benefits are clear:

  • Lightweight Cushioning: Reduces the shoe’s overall weight without compromising comfort.
  • Durability: Retains its shape and cushioning, even after repeated wear.

Twistruss Support System

The Twistruss Support System enhances the stability of Asics tennis shoes while allowing for flexible movement. In my experience, this innovative support system enables:

  • Increased Agility: Freer movement of the foot, aiding in quick lateral movements.
  • Stable Footing: Helps maintain balance during fast-paced play.

Gel Cushioning Technology

Asics’ Gel Cushioning Technology is strategically placed in high-impact areas to absorb shock effectively. From my perspective, the Gel technology provides two main advantages:

  • Impact Absorption: Helps reduce shock during impact and toe-off phases.
  • Comfort: Ensures a comfortable playing experience, reducing fatigue in the feet and legs.

Asics Tennis Shoes for Different Court Surfaces

When selecting Asics tennis shoes, I consider the unique demands of different court surfaces. Each surface imposes distinct challenges, influencing shoe design and features.

Hard Court Specialized Shoes

For hard courts, durability and cushioning are paramount. Asics offers the GEL-Resolution 9 with AHAR+ outsole technology to resist abrasion, ensuring longevity. I find the Solyte midsole delivers excellent energy return while guarding against impact stress.

Clay Court Models

On clay, traction and lateral support are critical. The Court FF 2 Clay is equipped with a PGuard toe protector and lateral support brace, which provide the stability I need. Its modified herringbone tread pattern enhances grip without clogging with clay.

Grass Court Options

For grass courts, Asics designs shoes like the Solution Speed Grass with a specialized AHAR outsole that balances grip and slide. Key features are the lightweight construction and the P.H.F. (Personal Heel Fit) Collar Lining for a snug, adaptable fit.

Guide to Choosing Your Asics Tennis Shoes

In selecting the best Asics tennis shoes, I prioritize understanding my foot type, ensuring a proper fit, and considering how often I’ll be playing.

Identifying Foot Type and Gait

I start by examining my footprint. A flat arch typically means I might need shoes with enhanced stability, like the Asics GEL-Resolution. For high arches, cushioning becomes pivotal, and models like Asics GEL-Court Speed could be beneficial. Observing how I walk, if my shoes wear out on the inside, it is a sign of overpronation; whereas wear on the outside hints at underpronation. Asics provides shoes with specific technologies to address these gait patterns.

Selecting the Correct Size

Getting the correct shoe size is crucial for comfort and performance. I measure my feet at the end of the day when they’re largest and use the Asics sizing chart to find the perfect fit. It’s important to leave a thumb’s width of space in the toe box to prevent my toes from hitting the front of the shoe during play. Additionally, I make sure the width is snug yet comfortable; Asics offers varying widths to suit different foot shapes.

Considering Playing Frequency

How often I play tennis influences my choice in shoes. For frequent play, I need durable shoes that can withstand heavy use, such as those with AHAR+ high-abrasion rubber soles.

If I only play occasionally, I might prioritize comfort or style instead. Asics offers ranges that cater to all levels of playing frequency, ensuring that I can find shoes that match my tennis lifestyle.

Comparative Analysis: Asics vs Other Tennis Shoe Brands

In this section, I compare Asics’ tennis shoe offerings to those of other leading brands, focusing on performance characteristics, technological features, and player endorsements.

Asics vs Nike

When comparing Asics with Nike, I notice that Asics often emphasizes comfort and foot support, integrating technologies like GEL cushioning and the Trusstic System for stability. Nike, on the other hand, tends to focus on innovating with designs that highlight agility and speed, such as the Zoom Air units that offer responsive cushioning. Nike also has a more extensive marketing reach and athlete sponsorship presence.

  • Key Technologies:
    • Asics: GEL cushioning, Trusstic System
    • Nike: Zoom Air, Flywire
  • Player Endorsements:
    • Asics: Novak Djokovic, Alex de Minaur
    • Nike: Rafael Nadal, Coco Gauff

Asics vs Adidas

In comparison with Adidas, Asics holds its ground with specialized tennis shoe options that cater to different court surfaces. I find that both brands invest heavily in research and development, but Adidas frequently capitalizes on its Boost technology for energy return and comfort. Adidas also has a reputation for environmental consciousness with its recycled materials. My experience with Asics shoes shows a commitment to durability and support, which can benefit players with specific foot types.

  • Key Technologies:
    • Asics: GEL cushioning, AHAR+ Outsole
    • Adidas: Boost, Adituff
  • Sustainability:
    • Asics: Eco-friendly options and commitments
    • Adidas: Pioneering use of recycled materials

Asics vs New Balance

Finally, evaluating Asics against New Balance reveals some close competition. New Balance is recognized for providing sizes and widths that accommodate a broader range of foot shapes. I’ve observed that Asics concentrates on tailoring to high-performance athletes, offering shoes like the Solution Speed series, which promise a balance between speed and stability. New Balance presents models like the Fresh Foam Lav that feature plush cushioning, a distinctive characteristic of their tennis shoes.

  • Foot Accommodation:
    • Asics: Tailored fit for performance
    • New Balance: Wide range of sizes and widths
  • Standout Features:
    • Asics: Solution Speed series balance
    • New Balance: Fresh Foam comfort

Final Thoughts

ASICS shoes have always been synonymous with tennis and I believe that the brand has really upped its game with their recent shoe launches.

I genuinely love their shoes.  Not only the design but they have given real thought and sought advice from the best player in the world on how to make these shoes better.

The firm has invested well in technology, listened to the needs of the players it endorses and now provides some of the best shoes in the market for tennis players, amateur and professionals.

By going with one of our recommendations for best ASICS tennis shoes above, you will not go wrong.  We have done our research.

Should you consider ASICS tennis shoes?

Yes, if you’re looking for a reliable partner for your feet on the court that offers a balance of comfort and performance, Asics should be at the top of your list. They cater to various player needs with many high quality models that are suitable for different playstyles and court surfaces.

In short, my positive experiences with ASICS tennis shoes make them a top recommendation for players seeking to look after their feet and improve their game.

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