Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and Schedule in 2024

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and Schedule in 2024

You will have heard of Wimbledon if you are a tennis enthusiast. This tournament has been held annually in London, England, since 1877 and is one of the four Grand Slams held each year.

The following article discusses the history of Wimbledon, The Tennis Tournament and the schedule for 2024, and some fun facts about this prestigious event.

I adore this tournament.  When the sun shines, there are few better places in the world.  This is a tennis mecca where you can get close to the players and hear the balls flying and the champagne corks popping from those picnics on Henman Hill (or is it Murray Mound?!).

The tournament will run from the 1st of July to the 14th of July this year.

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History of Wimbledon

Wimbledon was first held in 1877 by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC). There were only 22 players competing in the men’s singles event at the time. A prize of 12 guineas was awarded to Spencer Gore for winning. 1913 saw the introduction of women’s doubles and mixed doubles events, as well as women’s singles and men’s doubles.

Wimbledon is famous for its grass courts, the only Grand Slam to play on grass, which are meticulously maintained all year long. During the world wars of 1915-1918 and 1940-1945, the tournament was interrupted only twice.

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and Schedule in 2024

Wimbledon is described as being ‘quintessentially English’. The tournament is famous for the queue where spectators who don’t have a ticket can queue in Wimbledon Park, can camp overnight to see their favorite players. Check out more information here as it is quite strict on how this happens. Queuing for Tickets – The Championships, Wimbledon – Official Site by IBM

We can help you customize the perfect itinerary for your Wimbledon tournament. To help you plan for this incredible tennis event, we’ve provided details of the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the schedule below.

Mon 1 July – Day110:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFirst round
Tue 2 July – Day210:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFirst round
Wed 3 July – Day310:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMSecond round
Thu 4 July – Day410:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMSecond round
Fri 5 July – Day510:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMThird round
Sat 6 July – Day610:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMThird round
Sun 7 July – Day710:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFourth Round
Mon 8 July – Day810:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFourth Round
Tue 9 July – Day910:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMLadies’ and Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals
Wed 10 July – Day1010:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMLadies’ and Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals
Thu 11 July – Day1110:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMLadies’ Semifinals / Mixed Doubles Final
Fri 12 July – Day1210:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMGentlemen’s Semifinals
Sat 13 July – Day1310:30 AM2:00 PM Centre/1:00PM No. 111:00 AMLadies’ Final / Gentlemen’s Doubles Final
Sun 14 July – Day1410:30 AM2:00 PM11:00 AMGentlemen’s Final / Ladies’ Doubles Final

Who won Wimbledon 2023?

In what was an incredible final lasting over five hours, Carlos Alcaraz outlasted the defending champion Novak Djokovic to win a Wimbledon final 1-6 7-6 (8-6) 6-1 3-6 6-4. It was a match that swung to both sides at various points. The final set saw Alacaraz break early and then held his serve to close the match out.

Fun Facts About Wimbledon

  • A silver Venus Rosewater Dish is used to hold the Wimbledon trophy.
  • The AELTC has strict rules regarding what constitutes “predominantly white clothing” during matches.
  • The strawberries and cream served to spectators during the tournament is a tournament staple. Each year more than 38.4 tons of strawberries (1.92 million strawberries to be precise) are sold and consumed at the championships. Incredible!
  • John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played an 11-hour, five-minute men’s singles match at Wimbledon in 2010, the longest match in their history.
  • The most Wimbledon titles won by a woman are nine singles, seven doubles, and four mixed doubles titles by Martina Navratilova.


When is Wimbledon held?

Wimbledon is held over two weeks in late June and early July every year.

How many courts are there at Wimbledon?

There are 18 grass courts at Wimbledon, including Centre Court and No.1 Court.

Who holds the record for the most Wimbledon titles won?

Martina Navratilova holds the record for the most Wimbledon titles won, with nine singles, seven women’s doubles, and four mixed doubles titles.

How do I get tickets to Wimbledon?

Tickets for Wimbledon are sold out months in advance. You can enter a public ballot, but your chances of getting tickets are slim.

What is the prize money for the Wimbledon champions?

The prize money for the Wimbledon champions varies every year, last year the total prize fund for the tournament stood at just over £44,700,000.00.

Final Thoughts

The Wimbledon tournament has a rich history and tradition. This is one of the most prestigious sporting events due to its grass courts, strict dress code, and famous trophy. You’ll have the opportunity to experience some of the best tennis in the world and enjoy a unique British experience at this great championship.

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