The Best Tennis Shoes for Men – Top Reviewed in 2024

There are many brands of shoes on the market today as the game of tennis has grown in popularity over the years. It is not just the main players anymore who create shoes such as Nike, Adidas, and Wilson.  Tennis shoes now need to not only play well but look good.

Today new brands have evolved, just look at Uniqlo and the new shoe collaboration Roger Federer has with 

The look of Best Tennis Shoes for Men today is as important as the feel.  They have become more than just a pair of trainers and provide a real fashion statement for players. 

Just like buying a new racket, it is so important to make sure your footwear is right. Tennis player’s bodies go through a lot of twists and turns during a game of tennis and a supportive pair of shoes is essential.

Some people will wear normal trainers, and whilst this is ok for recreational tennis, the shoe will wear through quickly. I wore a pair of running shoes to play in one summer and where the trainer drags over the toe during service I put a hole straight through the top of the trainer.

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The team at Tennis Pursuits has put each of these Best Tennis Shoes for Men through its paces so you have the best information before you purchase your next pair of shoes.

The Best Tennis Shoes for Men – Our Review

KSwiss Men’s Ultra Shot 3

I think KSwiss make fantastic tennis shoes and this shoe is no different.  We have chosen it because it is a fantastic allrounder. 

Appearance & Design;

Worn by Cameron Norrie and Fabio Fogini this latest shoe from KSwiss is a real winner.  The team at KSwiss has designed a shoe that looks good and plays well, no mean feat.  

The KSwiss Ultrashot shoes comes with a 6-month outsole warranty, similar to those offered by the Asics Gel Resolution 8 and the Babolat Propulse Fury.

As a result of the DragGuard and the Aosta 7.0 high-density rubber outsole, the Ultrashot shoes are built to last.

Although they appear quite heavy on the scales, the shoes feel quite light once you put them on. Consequently, if you’re looking for a shoe that feels stable and locked in, the Ultrashort 3’s are a great option.

In comparison to the original Ultrashot and Ultrashot 2, are these significant improvements? I found the original KSwiss Ultra Shot 2s to be more stable and useful than the Ultra Shot 2. Many players had complained about the small tongue lacking padding on the originals, but this problem has been fixed by KSwiss.

How do they play?

Honestly one of the most comfortable shoes I have played in.  Even though a little heavier than other, you really don’t notice it in play.  My foot feel protected when I move and slide and the 

Most tennis shoes focused on durability have little breathability and if there is one criticism of this shoe it is that.  They can get a little hot when playing and this is down to lack of ventilation.  If you sweat a great deal or play in extreme heat you may want to look at other shoes.


In comparison to the original Ultrashot and Ultrashot 2, are these significant improvements? In my opinion yes.  The KSwiss Ultrashot 3s are supportive and comfortable. They are not as sporty as the previous generations, but your feet feel much more protected in these shoes. I’d compare these Ultrashots to the Asics Gel Resolution 8s in terms of quality and feel.  

  • Strong arch support
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable
  • Well Priced
  • Durable
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Not as sporty looking as previous models
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Adidas barricade

adidas Men's Barricade Tennis Shoe

For many years, tennis players have favored Adidas tennis shoes. The company has a long history with the game and has sponsored some of the greatest players. It even has the famous ‘Stan Smith’ shoe.

Aesthetics & Design;

Throughout the years, the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes have seen a number of variations, with each one bringing new looks and styles. The unique three stripes on the side of the shoe, which are characteristic of Adidas footwear, are one of the Barricade line’s most identifiable elements.

The stripes are a striking visual feature and are typically a color that contrasts with the rest of the shoe. The Barricade uses a variety of top materials and textures, including a mesh, overlays, and artificial leather. This gives the sneaker a dynamic aesthetic appeal while also allowing for breathability and durability.

The shoes have thick, padded midsoles that give the user plenty of support and shock absorption. A herringbone pattern for grip on the court is one of the tennis-specific characteristics included in the outsole’s design These shoes are made with both design and functionality in mind, with a focus on giving tennis players of all skill levels support, toughness, and style.

How do they play?;

The stability, support, and agility of the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are nicely balanced for optimal performance on the court. Because of its famous durability, tennis players can move fast and dynamically without sacrificing comfort or protection.

The midsole of the Barricade uses the Adiprene and Adiprene+ cushioning system, which is one of its primary features. This reduces the force and impact of each foot, which can be crucial for players who constantly make quick stops and direction changes on the court. The Barricade’s herringbone-pattern outsole is intended to offer good grip on a variety of court surfaces.

They are not the lightest tennis shoes on the market, players moving about the court might feel more safe and confident as a result of this. Tennis players of all skill levels, from amateurs to pros, can benefit from the Adidas Barricade’s flexibility.


One of the primary characteristics of the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes is durability. The shoe is a popular option for tennis players who require a shoe that can endure several seasons since it is made to resist the wear and tear of intensive tennis matches.

The Barricade’s structure is one of the key factors contributing to its durability. Synthetic leather and mesh are frequently used to create the upper layer, which offers both strength and breathability. Also, the shoe has overlays in high-wear regions like the toe and heel to assist shield it from scuffs and scrapes. Tennis shoes are constructed to endure the rigors of hard play, and the Adidas Barricade is a very strong tennis shoe. Tennis players who require a shoe that will survive over several seasons of play frequently choose it because of its combination of tough materials, cushioning technology, and solid construction.

Who is using Adidas Barricade?;

So many top professional tennis players have used Adidas Barricade sneakers over the years. These are some well-known athletes who have donned the Barricade: The current top-ranked male tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, has long been an Adidas athlete and often sports the Barricade when competing. Andy Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion and former world number one, has worn the Barricade for most of his career. Stefanos Tsitsipas, Greek tennis player who is presently rated in the top ten in the world, is also sponsored by Adidas and used the Barricade while competing. Angelique Kerber, a three-time Grand Slam champion and former world number one from Germany, is sponsored by Adidas and usually sports the Barricade when competing.

  • Durable Construction
  • Supportive Fit
  • Comfortable Cushioning
  • Stylish Design
  • Popular Among Top Players
  • Heavy
  • Higher Price Point
  • Limited Color Options

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Asics Gel Resolution 9

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes

Appearance & Design; The Gel resolution has been the leading tennis shoe designed by Asics over the years.  The Gel Resolution 9 is the latest shoe to be released by them and I was excited as I am a huge fan of the Asic Gel Resolution 8, its predecessor.

I like the design, it is similar to the previous version.  If anything this shoe is more solid and has the look of more of a running shoe.  There are two main updates we noticed, the first is the reshaping of the Dynawall and extending it into the heel of the shoe. The shoe now has more stiff support down the side of the shoe, allowing for more braking time.

The second update is more solid plastic around the heel. There is just more shoe that provides a larger contact area with the ground, allowing for increased stability and composure.


This shoe is comfortable and I had no issues with any pain when wearing these shoes.

How do they play?;

This really is a great tennis shoe.  Asics are well known for their extensive factory testing and this one has really gone through its paces.  My feet are comfortable, stable and I really notice that they grip the court and allow me to dig in and move off to my next shot quickly. I have ‘heavy feet’ and really lean into the ball when I hit it and these shoes absorb this well.

Who are those shoes for?;

The Gel-Resolution shoe is focused on the baseline player, someone who spends most of their time moving side to side along the baseline (let’s face it there aren’t many serve and volleyers these days!). I found this shoe gave me the confidence to move laterally with ease and also allowed me support when pushing off to get back to the middle of the court. This shoe is a no brainer for players who prefer hard courts and enjoy the shoe to absorb pressure.

The Gel Resolution 9 has been seen on several professional tennis players, including Mattoe Berritini and Iga Swiantek. These athletes appreciate the shoe’s comfort, toughness, and capability to offer superior traction on the court.

Asics has done a nice job of evolving the shoe from the Gel Resolution 8 model whilst retaining the strong features of this shoe.

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The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 

adidas Men's Adizero Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoe

Appearance & Design; 

The low-profile style of the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 tennis shoe emphasizes speed and agility on the court. It sports a sleek and contemporary design.

A lightweight, breathable mesh material used to make the top is strengthened with synthetic overlays in high-wear areas to increase durability. For further defense against toe drag, the shoe also has a stronger toe cap. The sides of the shoe are decorated with Adidas stripes, while the tongue and heel both prominently sport the company’s insignia.

The Adizero Ubersonic 4 comes in a variety of striking hues, including black, white, neon green, and electric blue which are fun. Tennis players who value both performance and style frequently choose this shoe because of its overall athletic and fashionable appeal.


The Adizero Ubersonic 4’s outsole is comprised of a strong rubber material that offers outstanding traction and grip on various court surfaces. Adiwear technology, a high-abrasion resistant substance used in strategic spots on the outsole of the shoe to promote durability, is another element of the sneaker. It is an all-around solidly constructed tennis shoe that is intended to endure for many seasons of play. Like other tennis shoes, the Adizero Ubersonic 4’s durability will ultimately reflect on elements including how often the shoe is worn, how hard the game is played, and the court surfaces played.

How do they play? 

On the tennis court, the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 is made to play very well. The shoe is constructed with a variety of elements that are meant to improve the player’s stability, speed, and quickness.  High-performance tennis shoes like the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 are designed to provide players outstanding speed, agility, and support on the court. Professional and recreational players alike often choose this shoe because of its successful fusion of functionality and fashion.

Who is this shoe for?; 

This sneaker, in our opinion, is among the greatest ones now available. It’s a fantastic all-purpose shoe that offers superb support, stability, and cushioning during workouts on the tennis court. The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 is a tennis shoe that is designed for high-performance play and is suitable for use by professional and recreational tennis players. This shoe is used by many professional tennis players, including Garbine Muguruza, Kristina Mladenovic, and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

However, it is also a popular choice for amateur players who are looking for a high-quality tennis shoe that can help them improve their game. It is a great tennis shoe for sliding on the court,.It features a durable Adiwear outsole that provides excellent traction and stability on all court surfaces, including clay and hard courts.

Additionally, the shoe’s cushioning system helps absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet when you slide, which can help prevent injuries and keep you comfortable during long matches. Overall, the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 is a great choice for tennis players who need a high-performance shoe that allows for quick movements and sliding on the court.

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The Asics Court ff 3

ASICS Men's Court FlyteFoam 3 Tennis Shoes

The Asics Court ff3 is the latest model of this line. The previous version is The Court FF 2. The Court FF 2 features a similar design and many of the same technologies as the FF3, but with some slight differences in materials and construction.

Appearance & Design

Tennis players of all skill levels will appreciate the ASICS Court FF3’s sleek and contemporary design. Some of the main design components that affect how it looks overall include the following:

Colors: The FF3 is offered in a number of colors, including striking and eye-catching combinations like white/blue, white/red, and black/silver.

The ASICS logo is prominently placed on both sides of the sneaker, which increases its aesthetic appeal and overall branding.

Mesh Upper: The FF3’s mesh upper, which is breathable and offers support and plenty of stability as well as a lightweight, streamlined look, is a key feature of the shoe.

What is the weight of this shoe? The weight of the ASICS Court FF3 tennis shoe can vary depending on the size and width of the shoe. However, on average, the men’s version of the FF3 weighs approximately 11.4 ounces (323 grams) This weight is based on a US size 9 for men’s sneakers, so the weight may be slightly different for other sizes.

The Court FF3 is generally considered to be a lightweight tennis shoe, which can help improve speed and agility on the court.  Who is using ASICS Court FF3Tennis players of all skill levels, from beginners to pros, choose the ASICS Court FF3.

Some well-known professional tennis players have been reported to use the Asics brand of footwear, including Novak Djokovic from Serbia who has used the Court line of shoes while competing, and he has served as an ASICS ambassador for many years. His current shoe is this very model.

Tennis players choose the ASICS Court FF3 tennis shoe because of its many benefits. If you are playing professional or good level of amateur tennis and looking for a lightweight shoe the Asics Court FF3 is good option for you. It might also enhance your speed and agility on the court.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Men’s Tennis Shoes

If you’re looking for new tennis shoes, the fit is the most important factor. During the shoe evaluation process, let’s talk about a few topics we always consider when buying new tennis shoes. 


When it comes to getting the right fit for your shoes, size is perhaps the most obvious factor. Is your size a comfort zone for you?

Between your big toe and the front of your shoe, you should have about half an inch or 13 millimeters. It’s easy to check this space by using your thumb’s width as a quick test.

Your shoes must have adequate space at the front so that you do not jam your toes, and that they breathe so that blisters are prevented.

A too-large tennis shoe can also lead to blisters and issues with your calf muscles and Achilles tendon, along with the excessive movement of your foot.


It’s crucial to find the right width for your feet if you fall outside this range. Standard or regular-width shoes are fine for many people, but if you fall outside of this range, you’ll have to find the right width.

There are a variety of methods for denoting a shoe’s width internationally, but here is a high-level overview of what is commonly used in North America.

There are several different widths of men’s tennis shoes available, including wide and extra-wide sizes.

Some of the shoes for women run narrow, but they are mostly standard widths, with a good selection of wides available.

Toe Box

Depending on the width of a shoe, you will have more room for your toes. The toe boxes of most shoes are standard sizes, although some may be tighter or roomier than others.

Look for shoes that offer extra room toward the front of the shoe if you’ve previously experienced cramping in the toes and front of your foot, and measure your feet to see if you’d benefit from wider shoes.

A standard feature of Adidas tennis shoes is that they have an extra bit of space in the toe box.


It is recommended that players wear shoes that fit appropriately to prevent their heels from slipping out of their shoes, but some models emphasize the heel design to prevent your foot from moving around inside the shoe.

The heel support feature of a shoe is something you should pay close attention to if it does not provide enough support for your heel. It is also crucial to get the right size.

You know the frustration of owning a pair of shoes that feel great out of the box but don’t live up to the expectations you have after hitting the court.

Most often, we make tradeoffs when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes, and that is unfortunate.

My goal in this section is to walk you through some key attributes that will assist you in determining what shoes are best for you.

To narrow your options, you should narrow down the most critical two or three before you begin your search.


Since tennis shoes need to support lateral movements, which are vital when hitting the court, tennis shoes tend to be stiffer than most other sports shoes.

Although some tennis shoes emphasize comfort more than others, there are still many of them on the market. Shoes with a generous midsole are a good choice. It is possible, however, to replace the insole if it is removable for extra comfort if it can provide added support.

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It is common to move abruptly or sharply when playing tennis. Your shoes must provide adequate stability regardless of whether you’re moving side to side to hit groundstrokes, approaching the net to play volleys, or tracking down lobs.

There are a few different ways in which a shoe can be stable. To feel stable, the sole of a shoe needs to be wide to provide a platform for balance.

Moreover, shoe soles need to be rigid enough to withstand quick stop-and-start movements around the court. To achieve stability and prevent twisting, many shoes have rigid plastic inserts called shanks towards the middle of the sole.

Furthermore, a shoe’s upper can affect stability, especially at the ankle, as well as the feeling of security you have while wearing it. To prevent your foot from sliding forward when you start and stop, you should feel it locked in place.

This means that the lacing system of a shoe is also responsible for its stability.


It is important to choose shoes that are durable enough to withstand the beating tennis players subject them to on hard courts.

In addition to the outsole, which is constantly in contact with the court, a shoe’s durability is largely determined by its construction. Nevertheless, durability isn’t the only aspect of the shoe to consider.

It is common for a tennis shoe’s toe to make contact with a court, and its forward upper section might scrape the court from time to time when sliding or lunging.

Depending on how the player plays, the shoe can wear in certain areas different from others, and every player moves differently. It may be necessary for players to have a stronger toe cap for longer-lasting shoes when they drag their feet when serving.

If you are looking to purchase tennis shoes shortly, it can be helpful to examine your current shoes to determine where extra protection is needed, and keep this in mind when evaluating each pair.


It is widely believed that tennis shoes are heavier due to their weight. Generally, players find that lightweight shoes are fast, while heavier shoes feel somewhat sluggish.

To achieve an appealing balance between weight, stability, and durability, shoe manufacturers often trade off one factor for another. A shoe becomes lighter if you remove material, but its stability or durability are often sacrificed.

When you consider moving up or down a size, keep in mind that the shoe’s weight changes as well as the shoe’s size, so keep this in mind when you decide whether to go up or downsize.

There are plenty of lightweight shoes available for both men and women.

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Arch Support

Arch support is available in a variety of levels, but for the broadest range of players, shoes with moderate to low arch support are usually most suitable.

Tennis players commonly replace their tennis shoes’ insoles with custom inserts if their arch needs more support.


There may be a significant difference between the priority you place on ventilation depending on the climate in which you play. To prevent blisters and keep your feet dry in hot weather, proper ventilation is essential.

In addition, the color of your shoes will affect how hot they get. A lighter color will reflect the sun’s heat, whereas a darker color will absorb it. The darker color will cause your feet to become hotter.

Helpful Tip

To keep your feet cool and dry, it is important to wear socks that are made of breathable materials. As a bonus, you can always bring another pair of socks with you if you need to switch out during a match.


Tennis shoes are primarily characterized by their outsoles, which provide traction. In addition to offering excellent grip on hard courts, shoes with a bit of give when stopping to slide are preferred by many players.

In addition to the material and texture of the outsole, there is also a pattern on the outsole which contributes to the feel of traction a player feels while playing on the court. In addition to the court surface, other factors also play a huge role.

Tennis shoes for clay courts, for example, have a herringbone tread on the bottom, which makes it easier to release clay when walking on the court while also improving stability and predictability when sliding.

Level of Play

Tennis shoes with more features are generally more suitable for advanced players because of their higher prices.

Because of this, beginners may opt for a tennis shoe without all the bells and whistles that are less expensive but still provide reliable performance.

The choice is ultimately one of preference. Higher-end shoes may be nice, but younger players typically wear them less, so it may be overkill.


A new pair of tennis shoes is an excellent investment, so there is no denying that price is an important factor to consider.

The best way to narrow your shoe options is to set a budget before shopping. Many affordable tennis shoes offer excellent performance, so you don’t have to overspend.

The latest and greatest shoes are most expensive when they come out at their highest price, so if you want to save money, try to avoid buying them at these times. The best way to save is to wait until next year’s model comes out or purchase last year’s model.

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Who is this shoe for?

Tennis shoes like the ASICS Court FF3 would be one of our top picks. They are very comfortable shoes. Also they are made to be adaptable and play well on both hard and clay court surfaces. The outsole of the shoe has a distinct look that is intended to provide exceptional traction and grip on both clay and hard court surfaces. It is a good tennis shoe, and can be worn by tennis players of all levels on a range of court surfaces thanks to its lightweight and responsive cushioning, which may also assist improve performance on both clay and hard courts. If your game is based on a lot of running and movement on the court then this is the shoe for you.


How often should I replace my tennis shoes?

It is generally recommended to replace your tennis shoes every 3 to 6 months, depending on how frequently you play and the wear and tear they experience.

Can I use running shoes for playing tennis?

While running shoes may offer cushioning, they lack the lateral support needed for tennis. It is best to invest in a pair of dedicated tennis shoes for optimal performance and injury prevention.

Are tennis shoes suitable for other sports?

Tennis shoes are designed specifically for the demands of tennis, but they can also be suitable for other court sports like pickleball and squash.

How do I clean my tennis shoes?

Most tennis shoes can be cleaned by gently scrubbing them with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or throwing them in the washing machine, as it can damage the shoes.

Can I wear tennis shoes casually?

Yes, many tennis shoes are stylish enough to be worn casually. They can be a versatile addition to your footwear collection.

Final Thoughts

A good pair of tennis shoes is crucial for your feet and body, regardless of whether you’re just learning how to play tennis or an expert.

It will help narrow your options as you shop for the best pair for your needs if you decide which features are most important to you, such as comfort, durability, stability, etc.

The guide I am providing should shed some light on how to think about buying a pair of tennis shoes while also allowing you to focus your search on a small number of shoes you are confident about buying.

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Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or have a favorite pair of tennis shoes you recommend.

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