The Best Tennis Courts in London – Full Guide in 2024

Spring has sprung as they say in the UK.

As the days get longer and warmer, tennis enthusiasts start to come out of hibernation, dust off their trainers and find those rackets.

As a tennis enthusiast living in London, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring some of the best tennis courts in London. The capital is a treasure trove for sports lovers, and its rich tennis heritage further enhances its global reputation as a hub for the sport.

Playing host to the most famous tournament of all, Wimbledon and for many years hosting the high-profile ATP World Tour Finals, London is a hot spot for tennis.

My journey through London’s tennis landscape has led me to uncover many special places to play the game, from private clubs, public courts and even some amazing private courts in people’s homes.

From iconic private clubs where the waiting lists testify to their exclusivity, to public facilities aiming to make tennis accessible for all, the options in London are as varied as they are impressive.

The Best Tennis Courts in London – Our Review

So what can a player expect in London?

Types of Facilities:

  • Private Tennis Clubs: These often include amenities such as courts with different surfaces, fitness centers, and coaching.
  • Public Courts: Managed by local councils, they offer affordable access and typically operate on a pay-and-play basis.

Surface Variety:

  • Grass: Synonymous with Wimbledon, grass courts are a jewel in London’s tennis crown.
  • Hard: Public parks and schools provide hard courts for a more accessible playing experience.
  • Clay: A rarer sight but available for those seeking the Roland-Garros feel.
  • Indoor: Essential for year-round play, several clubs feature indoor courts. Particularly important for the colder months.

Programs Available:

  • Coaching: Personal and group coaching sessions are available for improving technique.
  • Competitive Play: Numerous leagues and tournaments cater to competitive players.
  • Social Play: Clubs often organize social events and ‘mix-ins’ to meet other players.

My visits to these courts have allowed me to witness a supportive environment that encourages participation and enhancement of skills. Through the combination of historic clubs and inclusive public courts, London stands as a remarkable city for tennis enthusiasts.

best tennis courts in london

Top Rated Tennis Clubs in London

In London, there are several highly esteemed tennis clubs that have caught my attention for their premium facilities and vibrant community. The Queen’s Club is one such establishment, located in West Kensington, notable for hosting the annual Fever-Tree Championships. It boasts an impressive array of grass, acrylic, and indoor courts. This is, in my opinion, the best racket club in London.  You can play old games such as real tennis and rackets.  They recently built two Padel tennis courts.

Another legend of the London tennis scene is The Wimbledon Club. Just a stone’s throw from the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, it offers members a chance to play on exceptional grass courts and bask in the ambience of tennis history. Few clubs have a better positioning that this club and so close to centre court..

For those looking for a more central location, The Hurlingham Club is tucked away in Fulham and is an oasis of tradition and quality, with pristine courts that cater to all levels of play.

Meanwhile, Islington Tennis Centre provides a more modern backdrop, with excellent indoor facilities that ensure play all year round.

East London is home to Hackney Tennis, which operates parks and courts across Hackney, offering a variety of playing surfaces and a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Their coaching programs are some of the best in the city, making tennis accessible to a wider audience. Here is a simple breakdown:

Club NameLocationNotable Features
The Queen’s ClubWest KensingtonPrestigious tournaments, variety of courts
The Wimbledon ClubWimbledonHistoric location, exceptional grass courts
The Hurlingham ClubFulhamExclusive, traditional setting
Islington Tennis CentreIslingtonModern, indoor courts
Hackney TennisHackneyInclusive, community-focused

best tennis courts in london

Public Tennis Courts in London

I have compiled information on some notable public tennis courts in London that cater to enthusiasts and casual players alike. These courts offer an affordable and accessible option for those looking to play tennis within the city.

These courts are the lifeblood of the game.  Have good, accessible courts for people and the game will grow and be loved by many.

Regent’s Park Tennis Centre: Regent’s Park features a central location and houses a total of 12 hard courts that are open to the public. I find this centre particularly attractive due to its professional coaching options and the availability of a cafe and a small shop for equipment.

  • Location: York Bridge, Inner Circle, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4NU
  • Facilities: Coaching, cafe, equipment shop
  • Court Type: Hard

Hyde Park Tennis and Sports Centre: Known for its scenic views, Hyde Park offers six tennis courts. I appreciate this venue for the additional facilities it provides, making it a great spot for a varied sports routine.

  • Location: South Carriage Drive, Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH
  • Facilities: Tennis courts, sports pitches
  • Court Type: Hard

Battersea Park Millennium Arena: Situated in the heart of Battersea Park, the arena boasts 19 courts and a pay-and-play system without the need for membership. In my opinion, the park surrounding the courts makes for an exceptional tennis experience.

  • Location: Albert Bridge Road, London, SW11 4NJ
  • Facilities: Pay-and-play, coaching
  • Court Type: Hard

Lincoln’s Inn Fields: The largest public square in London, it offers a more intimate playing experience with a couple of tennis courts available. It may not have extensive facilities like the others, but I often recommend it for a quick, no-fuss game.

  • Location: Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3TL
  • Facilities: Basic
  • Court Type: Hard

Wimbledon Park: Not to be confused with the Wimbledon Club!  If you get a chance, it is worth trying to play here as the club has an incredible 20 courts (mix of hard and astro).  Many of the courts were recently refurbished and this turned this place into a tennis oasis in the summer months.

  • Location: Wimbledon Park, SW19 7HR
  • Facilities: Basic, hopefully the cafe reopens this summer.
  • Court Type: Hard and asto

Final Thoughts – Best Tennis Courts in London

There are estimated to be over 3000 tennis courts in London so there really is no excuse to not get yourself active in the capital.

Whether you live in London or are visiting, pack your racket and go and explore.  The city is easy to navigate and you won’t be disappointed by the courts recommended here.  Do however check ahead on all of the courts through their websites if you can get a court, each has its own booking system.

Happy hitting.


David Harris

David is the founder and chief writer at Tennis Pursuits. A tennis fanatic, David has extensive experience of the game and has reviewed 100s of products to date. He is passionate about helping others on their tennis journey.

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