Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet (Men & Women) – Our Full Top Picks in 2024

No one person in the world is the same as another, that is the joy of life. But our differences can also be our challenges sometimes and tennis is no different. If you are a tennis player close to 7ft it can be hard to get clothes to fit so you need specially designed clothes to fit.

The same goes for tennis players who have wide feet. A wide foot tends to need a wide shoe and our feet are all different shapes and sizes. For tennis players with wide feet, it is important to find the right pair of tennis shoes given the wear and tear we put our feet through.

best tennis shoes for wide feet

A poor-fitting tennis shoe can lead to discomfort, blisters, and even injuries. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly can also affect your performance on the court. However, the good news is that there are plenty of tennis shoes designed to accommodate wide feet without compromising on comfort and support. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best tennis shoes for wide feet that are perfect for comfort and performance.

We have tested the below shoes and have created a targeted list of shoes with wide options for you to choose from.

Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet – Our Review in 2024

Adidas SoleMatch Bounce – Our Top Pick

adidas Men's Solematch Bounce Tennis Shoe

The Adidas SoleMatch Bounce is an all-around durable shoe that many pros use on tour. The first thing you notice is the design of the shoe which is another win for the design team at Adidas. I liked the extra-wide base concept which enhances balance and promotes better ground contact, as well as the protection and cushioning it offers.

It has plenty of room in the forefoot area for those with wider feet to get the support they need. Wearing the shoe I felt low to the ground and very connected to the court.

The outrigger and chassis also work together to deliver solid foothold and balance and I moved with confidence and the shoe is also lightweight.

For me, it is hard to find fault in these shoes and they do a great job of supporting wider feet. Adidas’ SoleMatch Bounce is a great choice for players with wide feet who want something dependable yet snugly fitting at the same time.

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Babolat SFX3 – Best Allrounder

Babolat Men's SFX3 Tennis Shoes

The Babolat SFX3 is a great value for a premium quality shoe and this is a shoe made for those with wide feet. The upper features more mesh, making them incredibly breathable and comfortable. They come with one of the most supportive and comfortable insoles on the market, leading to exceptional durability for long-term use.

The shoes have good ventilation and play well in hot conditions. Additionally, these shoes have a strong shank and serious comfortable insole which will help you to stay stable during rigorous rallies. It was hard to get the color we wanted given they are only stocked in certain colors and there was slight wear around the toes where the shoes drag. Apart from that they are a solid choice for those who need support and comfort with a wider shoe.

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Prince T22.5 – Lightest Shoe

Prince T22.5 White/Green/Black Men's Shoes

The T22.5 by Prince is a dependable shoe for people with wide feet and the latest installment features an even more accommodating fit than ever before. Right away I noticed how light these shoes felt on my feet, and they provided excellent grip when I needed it while still allowing me to slide to a stop. The padding under foot is great for the heavy pounding style that I play as well which helps all my joints! Fits snugly in the heel but still have plenty of room in the toe area, making them really comfortable for long periods of play or extended wear.

The breathability has also been vastly improved compared to models from past years and now can be worn without fear of stuffyness or having your feet swimming in sweat after a few sets.

They are also extremely consistent and reliable, perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t let you down during long games or competitive tournaments; stability is key! There are only limited color choices, and I hope more colors will be released soon. It would also be nice to see some design upgrades but overall this model is modernized enough already to keep most players happy. All in all, if you’re looking for a great shoe solution with added support and mobility then the T22.5 by Prince is an excellent choice!

This shoe is available for men and women.

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KSwiss Ultrashot 2

K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 Mens Tennis Shoe - White/Limoges/Sharp Green

The K-Swiss Ultrashot 2s are an upgrade on the original Ultrashots, delivering superior levels of support, stability, comfort and durability.

I found them to be extremely comfortable with excellent cushioning underfoot. They have a true-to-size fit with an upper construction that takes up most of the room for a snug fit for players with wide feet.

Whether you’re looking for something to last for years or seeking specific features like stability, comfort and durability in your shoes, the K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 Tennis Shoes are a good shoe to meet your exact needs. Available in several colors so you can match the style of your other tennis kit, get a pair of these and take your game to the next level.

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Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Barricade Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Barricade is back and ready to conquer the court. This 13th iteration (I think!) of the legendary shoe is engineered for control and stability, which suits even the most aggressive tennis players.

With a focus on eliminating some of the discomforts of its predecessors, the Barricade offers a secure lockdown for a truly great performance. Lightweight but brawny, you’ll struggle to find a harder-wearing pair of tennis shoes. Those seeking a cushier or speedier shoe may need to look elsewhere, as the Barricade has a higher than average break-in period.

That’s a small price to pay for the extra protection and ultimate support that this shoe provides. With a reinforced arc tongue design for unparalleled bounce back, and a variety of colors to choose from, you won’t go wrong with the Adidas Barricade.

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K-Swiss Bigshot Light 4 Women’s Shoes – Best Value

K-Swiss Women's Bigshot Light 4 Tennis Shoe

The KSwiss BigShot Light 4 Women’s Shoes are the perfect choice for those looking for comfort and support without breaking the bank.

The lightweight, breathable upper keeps your feet snugly in place while providing plenty of ventilation. An injected midsole cushioning provides soft cushioning that can last for hours on end while a high-density rubber compound ensures long-lasting durability.

Best of all, these shoes accommodate wider feet easily, so if you’re someone who needs extra room without suffering any rub or blisters, these are just what you need. With a great price point and stylish colors to choose from, this is a great option and you won’t regret investing in this quality pair of KSwiss Bigshot Light 4 Women’s Shoes.

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Babolat SFX 3 Women’s Shoes

Babolat Men's SFX3 Tennis Shoes

The SFX3 Babolat Women’s shoes combine lightweight airy breathability with cushioning designed to keep your feet comfortable and flexible during any activity. The toe box of these shoes is wide, allowing for a more comfortable fit while the heel area has a normal-sized construction and is designed to stay firmly in place.

My wife tested this shoe and has been a fan of this shoe since she purchased her first pair and have since bought 4 pairs over the past few years due to their great multisport performance.

On top of that, they are super cushioned and plush underfoot, with step-in comfort and soft uppers that offer flexibility without sacrificing support. If you have wider feet, these are the perfect shoes for you as they will provide plenty of movement; however if you have narrow feet you may want to consider a different model so you don’t experience too much movement.

The SFX3 also offers improved breathability than their previous model while still providing the same level of comfort and cushioning. Overall, this is an excellent choice for those looking for an extremely comfortable and breathable shoe at a very reasonable price.

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Head Revolt Pro 4.0 Women’s Shoes.

Head Women's Revolt Pro Tennis Shoe

The Head Revolt Pro 4.0 Women’s Shoes are the only Head shoe to make this list. This tennis shoe is true-to-size and features a slightly wider and more roomy toe box than traditional shoes, making it comfortable and helping to keep your foot in place during those intense rallies.

The soles are constructed with HEAD’s triple density Tri-NRG technology, which not only dampens the impact of quick movements but also provides more control over the court surface, allowing you to play with confidence and assurance. Additionally, a superior cooling system helps keep your feet fresh while an ankle and tongue cushioning system ensures your feet stay as comfortable as can be.

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Selecting the Ideal Tennis Footwear for Wider Feet

Our Top Tips for choosing shoes for tennis players with wide feet

  1. Opt for Softer Material: Tennis shoes crafted from softer, more pliable materials are preferable for wide feet. These materials will easily stretch and conform to the shape of your feet, providing a more comfortable and custom fit.
  2. Ensure Sufficient Wiggle Room: A vital feature to look for in tennis shoes for wide feet is sufficient wiggle room. Your toes should not feel cramped or restricted a good idea is to get a shoe with a larger toe box); instead, they should have enough space to move freely. This will prevent issues like blisters and calluses and enhance overall comfort.
  3. Try the Shoes On: Never settle on a pair of tennis shoes without trying them on first. Walk around in them to check how they feel on your feet. Consider the cushioning, stability, and overall comfort. If the shoe feels uncomfortable or tight, it’s not the right choice, regardless of how well it’s rated or reviewed. I have been known to buy two or three pairs of shoes, wear them around my house and then the two pairs back that I don’t like.
  4. Not Every Brand is the Same: Remember that shoe sizes can vary significantly between different brands. You might be a size 10 in one brand, but a size 11 in another. Therefore, it’s crucial to try on shoes from various brands and not stick to one particular size
  5. Look for Support: Make sure the shoes have good support, especially in the arch and heel areas. This will help to prevent injuries and ensure that your feet stay comfortable during strenuous activity. Also, be sure to look for breathability when choosing a shoe – this will keep your feet cool and dry throughout playtime.
  6. Choose Comfort Over Style: Tennis shoes don’t have to be boring. However, it is not all about how good you look. When it comes to choosing the best pair for you, comfort should always come first. Don’t sacrifice your foot health for style – opt for function over aesthetics.
  7. Think About Durability: When selecting tennis shoes, consider how long they will last and how much use they’ll get on the court. You want

How to Measure Shoes for the Wider Foot?

This is really important as you must find the best shoes to avoid discomfort when playing tennis.

For Clay Courts: Opt for shoes with a comprehensive herringbone grid pattern on the outsole. This pattern enhances traction on clay, aiding in stability during directional changes, sprints, and stops. Additionally, it facilitates smooth lateral movement on the clay surface.

For Hard courts: Given the prevalence and demanding nature of a hard tennis court, prioritize durability in the outsole. Seek shoes with a modified herringbone pattern and sufficient cushioning to ensure a solid grip and effective shock absorption on this surface.

For Grass Courts: The softer nature of grass courts is kinder on your body. Look for shoes featuring an outsole design with dotted or nub-like patterns, providing the necessary grip on slippery grass while enabling agile movement and comfort.

Accurate Foot Measurement Matters

Ensuring a precise fit that aligns with your foot’s anatomy is crucial. Here’s a simple method to accurately measure your feet for the right tennis shoe fit:

  1. Begin on a flat, sturdy surface with a piece of paper beneath your foot.
  2. Wear socks akin to those worn during your games and stand on the paper.
  3. With your body weight evenly distributed, trace an outline of your foot’s perimeter using a pen held perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Measure the length of the tracing vertically to determine your foot’s length. Allow for half an inch to an inch of space between your big toe and the shoe edge.
  5. Measure the width of your foot horizontally at its widest point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have wide feet?

If you’ve ever struggled to find a comfortable pair of shoes, then you may have wide feet. If your feet feel cramped in regular shoes, and you experience problems like blisters, calluses, or bunions, you may be a candidate for a wide-fit shoe. Try getting your feet measured by a professional in a shoe shop.

What features should I look for in tennis shoes for wide feet?

Tennis shoes designed for wide feet should have a roomier toe box, a wider midfoot, and a more generous heel area. They should also be made from flexible materials that can accommodate the natural shape of your feet.

Is there a specific lacing technique for wide feet?

Yes, I find that there is. The parallel lacing technique, also known as “straight bar” lacing, can be beneficial for wide feet. This method minimizes pressure on the top of the foot and allows for a bit more room in the shoe’s width. To achieve this, you thread the laces back and forth horizontally, skipping an eyelet each time. This technique can give you more comfort while also ensuring that your shoes are securely fastened

How do I choose the right size for my wide feet?

When buying tennis shoes for wide feet, choose a size that provides enough space for your toes to wiggle. Your toes should be able to move around freely without feeling cramped. Remember to measure both feet, as they can be different sizes.

Final Thoughts:

I am very encouraged by the wide selection of shoes available in the market designed specifically to cater to people with wider feet. As a tennis player myself, who happens to have broad feet, I understand the difficulty of finding the perfect pair that doesn’t compromise on comfort or support during those intense matches.

Remember, the right tennis shoe for wide feet should offer ample room for your toes to move freely and should not constrict the middle part of your foot. Based on my personal experience, shoes that don’t cramp my feet even after hours of wearing them have made the most difference in my performance on the court.

My golden piece of advice from years of trial and error, is to physically try on a pair of shoes if you can. Spend some time walking around in them to see how they fit. This hands-on approach will give you a far better idea of comfort and fit than merely reading the size. I mentioned it above but every brand really does fit differently.

You’ll be hard-pressed to go wrong with a selection from the reviews we have compiled above. Each shoe has been evaluated for comfort, fit, and performance, providing a reassurance that you’re making an informed choice.

Please feel free to share your experience with us! Your feedback not only aids us in refining our reviews but also assists your fellow wide-footed tennis enthusiasts (!) in their quest for the right pair of shoes.

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