The 7 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings of 2024 – Our Top Picks

Natural gut strings are a popular choice for tennis players due to their superior feel and performance. Normally made from the intestines of cows, these strings have been used in tennis since the sport’s inception.

While polyester strings have become more popular in recent years, natural gut strings remain a favorite among many players, especially professionals. There is now an increasing trend to use a hybrid product given the fantastic technology used in manufactured strings these days.

In this article, we will explore the best natural gut strings available on the market, their advantages and disadvantages, and provide stringing tips to help you get the most out of your game

The Significance of Tennis Strings

Tennis players often overlook the importance of tennis strings when choosing their tennis kit. The strings, however, are crucial to the performance of a racket and how it feels during a match. A tennis string’s choice can have a significant impact on the power, control, spin, and overall performance of your shots. You’ll know the difference if you have played with weak or loose strings or where one string is about to split.

What Are Natural Gut Tennis Strings?

The serosa layer of cow intestine is used to make natural gut tennis strings. The tennis strings are made by extracting, processing, and twisting fibers. Natural gut remains the gold standard in tennis string technology despite advancements in synthetic materials.

7 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings – Our Review

As always the team here wanted to review the strings. You’ll find below our selection of the best natural gut tennis strings for different levels of players. In order to ensure everyone can find something that suits their needs and wishes, we included a wide variety of options at different price points and features.

Babolat VS Touch – Best Quality

The Babolat VS Touch string has had an incredible impact on the game of tennis since it was launched in 1925.  Many of the legends of the game have used this string at some point. What makes this string so good is its composition. Very elastic strings that make it soft and powerful.  That said you need to try it to fully understand that it is just the feel of the string that gives it an edge.

We could maintain pace and consistency during fast exchanges, while the strings maintained tension throughout the game. Tennis strings from Babolat come in a thin 17 gauge and are constructed to withstand higher tensions

It remains comfortable and performs well even when strung extremely tight into the frame. By adjusting some variables, players can maximize spin and control. One of the best aspects of these strings is the way they feel incredibly soft and plush. For players with tennis elbow or other injuries, they are the best option since they are easy on the arm, shoulder, and wrist. These strings have been made more durable and moisture-resistant by the Babolat brand using new technology.

Since they’ve been a best seller for many years, they’re a favorite of many professional players. For players that like to generate serious spin these may not be the best for you, you can tighten the tension to offset this. The strings are also one of the most expensive on the market but you do get what you pay for.  If you’re looking for an allround string that gives comfort, feel and power then this is the string for you.

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WILSON 17 Gauge Natural Gut – Best for Hybrid

Wilson is a quality brand that knows how to make strings.  They have made some good tweaks to this string resulting in a firmer feel than before whilst still maintaining comfort. Top player Gregor Dimitrov uses this string.

This string is made from high quality beef serosa to produce a consistent and responsive string. During the playtest, these strings delivered impressive power levels. They maintain their sweet spot even when strung at high tension levels, without shrinking in size. Throughout the game, these strings provided a lively response. A plush, soft feel is also offered by these natural gut tennis strings.

Their durability and resistance to breakage are surprising, even for heavy hitters. Strings create a natural “pocketing” on the bedframe, which allows the ball to stay in the pocket longer and the player to have better control. Overall a great string that also combines well as a hybrid.

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Volkl V-Pro – Best Value

For those who don’t want to spend a small fortune on tennis strings and are on a tight budget, Volkl V-Pro is a great affordable option. Their material is co-polyester, and they have monofilament fibers that mimic the qualities of natural gut.

There is no doubt that these strings have become popular among players because of their similar performance and playability.

In addition to delivering high power, they also offer a high spin potential. Strings feel firm and responsive at the same time. Taking big cuts off the ball is easy with these strings, even at difficult angles. By reducing ball “pocketing,” more dwell time can be achieved and the ball can be controlled more accurately to hit the target.

There is no doubt that this product is durable; you can expect it to last for many games of tennis with little to no damage. The use of poly-string material might be a concern for some players, but we found there is no problem.

Volky V-Pro strings maintained tension well, were comfortable, and maintained pace during the playtest. The prices are reasonable and they are suitable for intermediates and advanced players. In the case of beginners or recreational players, it might be too firm for their liking, so they should consider other options.

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Luxilon Natural Gut – Best For Spin

Luxilon is a brand that is better known for synthetic strings and this is their entry into the natural gut market.  In terms of generating heavy spin, Luxilon Natural Gut strings are the best. The ribbons are made from cows’ intestines and are naturally comprised of serosa. They are manufactured in a long and complex process that requires more resources and time than usual.

There are many great features and amazing playability in these games. With these strings, you can generate plenty of spin without sacrificing comfort if spin is a priority in your game style. In addition, they have a great deal of power potential, which is easily exploited. This bed string has a luxurious, plush, and extra-soft touch that makes it feel luxurious.

In addition to maintaining tension well, these natural gut strings offer enhanced control over the ball. Using a hybrid application, the brand has made Luxilon strings more durable and moisture-resistant. Although they are an expensive string, you will get a lot of use out of them, which makes them a great investment.

I use this string in my racket as I generate heavy spin and can say the strings last a long time and withstand heavy spin.

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Gamma Sports Live Wire XP

One of our favorite picks on this list is the Gama Sports Live Wire XP strings. Multifilament materials are used to create these strings, which mimic all of the characteristics of natural gut. A pearl coating finish and multiple layers on the outer core make this a unique contract.

There is no doubt that these strings can produce high levels of power. Their ball control allows the player to connect instantly with the ball, allowing them to hit the targets with ease. Their stiffness and crispness make them quite solid. Gamma strings were more elastic and resilient due to the cross-linking construction.

Considering how durable they are and how hard they are to break, they are probably going to last you a long time. Playing with the bedstring is very comfortable and forgiving, and the tension holds well.

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Pacific Classic Gut Natural – Most Durable

The Pacific Classic strings are our recommendation for those who need the most durability out of a string. Featuring a unique gut-like construction, they are made from co-polyester material. By utilizing Triple Seal technology, the brand has enhanced features and increased playability. Compared to other options on the market, these strings are 75% more protected against humidity thanks to the technological advancements.

Compared to other brands, they also lose tension more slowly. High levels of power can be produced easily with Pacific Classic strings. Their excellent control over the ball and high responsiveness make them a great choice.

As a result, these strings are capable of maintaining tension well and helping the player remain consistent from start to finish.

We found maintaining pace is easy. The wrist and shoulder are very comfortable when playing with these strings. Tennis elbow inflammation can be a great problem for players who are recovering from injuries. This string has a nice feel and Pacific Gut have made real strides in creating a string that has touch and feel.

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KLIP Legend Natural – Best Price

A classic natural gut all the way from Australia is our last choice on the list. This natural gut is known for its playability, comfort and power and can be more forgiving for those who have injuries such as tennis elbow or shoulder problems.

For maximum playability, touch and control, buy the thinner 17G or 18G version. For those who want more durability and control, we recommend the thicker 15L or 15G version.

Overall a great string at a great price




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How are gut strings made?

A string made from sheep gut was produced by the Babolat brand for the first time ever. Today, these kinds of strings are primarily made from cow intestine due to its durability and performance. Hard labor is required during the manufacturing process, along with intensive steps.

Three cows are used in the production of a single pair of tennis strings. A triple-helix structure is found in the collagen molecules of the serosa, which is only found in the serosa of the stomach. Cow’s intestines are the best for strings because of a whole science behind them. The elastic and powerful properties of them are easily understood by everyone.

A braided three-cord rope design with a cushioning effect maintains a high level of tension, even when stretched. It isn’t just power that the best natural gut tennis strings can produce. They are also extremely comfortable for the arm thanks to their forgiving stringbeds.

Tennis Strings

Why Choose Natural Gut?

If you want to find the best natural gut tennis string for your tennis game, you should consider why you are buying them in the first place. Tennis players prefer them, and star athletes endorse them as well.

One of the reasons why gut strings are so expensive is that they have many advantages. You can, however, experience some disadvantages that may hinder your performance or comfort on the court as well. Take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of using them before making a decision. Here’s what we found!


  • Feel: This is one of the best things about natural gut tennis strings. When you touch the racket’s frame, you’ll immediately feel the difference between other string types. Players have an immediate connection with the ball due to its high responsiveness. A racket’s feel is most useful near the net, when confidence is at its peak.
  • Tension: Gut strings hold their tension very well over a long period of time. As a result, the player can maintain pace with each shot and remain consistent throughout the game. Other types of strings, in which the tension drops gradually, causing the player to struggle, have a fairly constant response throughout the match.
  • Power: The only way to describe natural gut strings is as an understatement. They produce incredible amounts of power, which can be easily harnessed. The unique structure and high elasticity of gut strings provide it naturally.
  • Comfort: Gut strings are commonly known for being the most arm-friendly strings. In addition, they tend to hold tension better, so tension does not increase during impact. As a result, the elbow, shoulder, and wrist of the player experience a much more forgiving feel. Furthermore, natural gut string absorbs harsh vibrations better with each strike. When recovering from an injury or suffering from tennis elbow, they are the best option.


  • Spin: A natural gut tennis string does not produce as much spin as a synthetic gut string. Topspin plays an important part in the game strategy of advanced players, especially those who heavily rely on it. A hybrid string, containing gut mixed with polyester for greater spin, is the best option in this situation.
  • Control: With a low level of control, shots are less accurate, making it difficult to predict where they will land. Due to its high power and low spin potential, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. It’s best to avoid hybrid strings if you can, since natural gut strings don’t provide much control.
  • Price: Natural gut strings are expensive, no secret. As a result of their lack of durability, they must also be replaced often, which adds a lot to the cost over a year or two. Unless your budget is unlimited, buying them isn’t a realistic option for a recreational or beginner player. To reduce costs considerably, synthetic strings are a better choice.
  • Durability: Gut strings are more prone to breaking and damage than any other type of string. The tension is also lost more quickly, as they are not resistant to moisture. A new coating is being added to the strings to fix this issue, but durability remains an issue.

Natural Gut vs. Synthetic Gut

What are the main differences between a natural gut and a synthetic gut? Tennis strings come in a variety of types, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Strings made from synthetic materials are made of nylon that mimic the qualities of gut. Despite incredible improvements in quality and performance, nothing can match the natural gut strings. In addition to their excellent playability and consistent tension, they are also easy to maintain.

Although natural gut strings are less durable and more expensive, they are more expensive than synthetic ones. While synthetic strings are not as efficient as steel strings, they are much more durable and affordable, making them an excellent choice for players of all levels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Natural Gut Strings


Gauge refers to the thickness of the string. Strings made from natural gut come in a variety of gauges, ranging from 15 to 17. The thicker the gauge, the more durable it is, but it sacrifices some feel and playability. In terms of feel and power, thinner gauges provide a better experience, but they may also wear out sooner. Natural gut strings should be gauged according to your playing style and preferences.


Despite their excellent performance, natural gut strings are less durable than synthetic alternatives. The lifespan of natural gut strings can be affected by factors such as playing style, frequency of play, and court surface. In comparison to synthetic strings, natural gut strings may need to be restrung more frequently.


The cost of natural gut strings is generally higher than that of synthetic strings. For serious tennis players looking to maximize their potential on the court, the higher price may be outweighed by the performance benefits they offer. The cost of natural gut strings should be considered along with your playing level and budget.

Maintenance Tips for Natural Gut Tennis Strings

Natural gut tennis strings require some essential maintenance to ensure their longevity and optimal performance:

Proper Stringing Techniques

Professional stringers experienced in working with natural gut should install your natural gut strings. Your strings’ performance and durability are significantly affected by the tension and preparation of the string bed when stringing.

String Dampening

Natural gut strings can be extended in life by using string dampeners to reduce vibrations. Using dampeners reduces the strain on the strings and minimizes the likelihood of premature breakage caused by ball impact.

Regular Inspections

Ensure that your natural gut strings are not tattered or frayed by regularly inspecting them. To avoid injury and compromised performance, replace damaged strings as soon as possible.

Our Selection for the Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings

The process of choosing the best natural gut tennis strings on the market was not an easy one. We underwent a selection process that required time and dedication. In order to determine the best-selling natural strings on the market, we first conducted market research.

A wide range of consumer feedback and behavior was also analyzed in this step. As part of our effort to provide the best user experience to our readers, we decided to test them ourselves.

Finally, we evaluated and rated them in terms of playability, material quality, comfort, power, and feel after weeks of playtesting. These features were the only ones we considered for our final list. Providing different categories of games so that every player can find at least one that fits their needs, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible to a variety of players.


Are natural gut tennis strings suitable for all playing styles?

Yes, natural gut strings are suitable for players of all playing styles. Their exceptional feel, power, and control make them a popular choice among both recreational and professional players.

How long do natural gut strings last?

The lifespan of natural gut strings varies depending on factors such as playing style, frequency of play, and court surface. On average, natural gut strings may last between 10 to 20 hours of play before they start losing tension and performance.

Are natural gut strings more expensive than other types?

Yes, natural gut strings are generally more expensive than synthetic alternatives. However, their superior performance and feel justify the higher price for many tennis players.

Can natural gut strings be used on all types of tennis rackets?

Yes, natural gut strings can be used on all types of tennis rackets. They are compatible with both modern graphite rackets and traditional wooden rackets.

Do professional players prefer natural gut tennis strings?

Yes, many professional players prefer natural gut tennis strings due to their exceptional performance and feel. Top-ranked players often rely on natural gut strings to gain a competitive edge on the court.

Final Thoughts

It is clear, to maximize your performance on the court, you must choose the right tennis string. The feel, comfort, power, and control offered by natural gut tennis strings are unmatched, making them the top choice among players. Despite their higher cost and maintenance requirements,we believe they provide more benefits vs cost for serious tennis enthusiasts. If you haven’t tried them we recommend giving them a go!


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