What To Wear To Play Tennis [2024]

Do you want to look fresh on the court this season? Find out what Katrina Scott wears to play tennis and get inspired.

What To Wear To Play Tennis

Style and comfort are key to selecting a tennis outfit, and when these elements are in sync, your confidence will soar. In practice, Katrina Scott sticks to a classic look: “I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt – something that is comfortable and allows me to move freely.” While playing matches, I like to wear dresses or skirts because it gets me in the match mode, and Adidas clothing is really cute as well.”

Men, women, and kids can put together the perfect ensemble using these ideas. There are lots of options to choose from. You can also find clothes made from recycled materials that help reduce plastic waste in the Adidas tennis collections. 


T-shirts are the most common top for both men and women when it comes to tennis outfits, whether they are tank tops, polo shirts, or training tees.

You’ll also find lightweight fabrics that allow you to breathe indoors and outdoors, such as Adidas AEROREADY. During the fall and winter, wear a sweatshirt or a light jacket when playing outside.

Shorts or Skirts

The shorts are a popular choice for both men and women, especially when it comes to casual settings. Often, women wear skirts with t-shirts or tank tops when playing tennis at a tennis club or in a match. You can feel secure and comfortable in most tennis skirts because they are equipped with compression shorts.


There is a growing popularity among women in tennis clubs and in matches for tennis dresses. They give you support, comfort, and freedom of movement as well as the support, comfort, and freedom of movement that compression shorts provide.


Leggings are now allowed on the tennis court with or without a skirt over the top as part of the tennis regulations. Women can choose from a wide variety of outfit options with leggings that provide compression comfort and sun protection.


Tennis shoes play a crucial role in your game as successful athletes rely on quick footwork. The Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes are sleek, lightweight ones; he likes to wear ones that feel comfortable, allow him to move well, and are stable. When the shoes are lightweight and slim, it’s much easier to move.” Adidas tennis shoes have midsole technologies like Boost, Bounce, and Lightstrike that make them lightweight yet provide supreme energy return, which means they’re all about winning points.


Tennis shoes are incomplete without compression socks that wick away sweat. Your foot will be cushioned and supported as you slide and dash around the court.


Hats and visors are essential tennis accessories, regardless of whether you are playing indoors or outside. By keeping your hair out of your eyes, they help wick away sweat from your forehead. Tennis hats by Adidas have UV protection against harsh rays under the sun.

You should pick out tennis clothes that reflect your style since that’s part of what makes the game fun. During long hours of practice, Scott likes to wear comfortable shorts and a tee, which makes him most comfortable on the court. There are people who like wearing matching outfits while practicing because they believe it makes them feel better, but ultimately it is about the individual’s personality. So find what makes you feel good and your confidence will shine. 

You can channel your inner pro in Adidas tennis gear, whether you’re a seasoned player or just finding your swing.

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Is there a dress code for tennis?

Tennis dress codes vary depending on where you play. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Location
  • Dress code
  • In a gym or public court

There is no dress code for playing tennis at your gym or on a public court if you are playing casually. Wear whatever is comfortable when practicing or playing for fun, but some clothes help you outperform while others are restrictive.

Tennis club

Depending on the tennis club, you may need to wear certain clothing when playing. The use of tennis shoes with non-marking soles and other tennis clothing is recognized by the sport. An individual’s performance will be protected as a result of protecting the integrity of the court and playing field.

Professional competition

The rules regarding tennis clothing are strict in competition. The best way to do this is to present yourself professionally and to wear clothing and accessories that meet industry standards. It may even be required that you wear all white (traditional tennis clothing colors) in some competitions.

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What do tennis players wear in the cold?

In winter, there’s no reason that you can’t train outdoors in tennis, which is predominantly a spring/summer sport. The pursuit of better never ends. It is a good idea to take the court conditions into account before playing in the cold.

During icy or wet weather, outdoor surfaces can be slippery, so book yourself an indoor court instead. How should you dress if you can’t access an indoor court or are determined to play outdoors?

You should wear lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes with unique performance fabrics when playing tennis in cold weather, despite it seeming contradictory. You become wet and vulnerable to colder temperatures when you wear cotton-based sports clothes that trap moisture as you sweat.

It is just as important to dispel heat in the summer as it is in the winter when there is inadequate airflow, which makes it difficult to regulate your body temperature.

So, if you’re playing tennis in cold weather, wear a lightweight technical sports shirt, a beanie or golf hat, and some tennis gloves that provide good grip. The best way to keep your legs warm is to wear full-length gym leggings.

An ideal competition training outfit would be to wear these under a matching tennis skirt. If you’re a man, wear some compression leggings underneath your shorts to protect your legs from the chilly air. It is possible to wear AMC jackets and sweaters in the cold while still enjoying the premium performance, making them an ideal choice for warm-ups and cool-downs.

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How to wear a tennis elbow brace

There is something called tennis elbow that you may suffer from if you regularly play tennis. An elbow injury caused by repetitive strain is known as tennis elbow. There is a common misconception that a runner’s knee is the same as a tennis elbow, but it isn’t. Using an elbow brace can provide you with some relief from the tension and stress on your elbow.

Choosing the right elbow brace begins with measuring your arm. There are a lot of elbow braces available that are extremely easy to use. Velcro is used to secure the brace to your elbow once you’ve put your arm through the brace.

The most common tennis elbow braces are simple compression sleeves, which can even be worn without fasteners. Sleeves provide extra warmth in colder weather by applying less pressure on the arm and covering a larger surface area.

Tennis is the only sport when you need an elbow brace since you’ll feel pain while playing. Make sure to consult a physiotherapist or your doctor if your elbow remains tender even when you’re not playing tennis. You should not ignore any pains, as the longer, you wait to treat injuries, the longer they will take to recover.

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What do female tennis players wear?

It should be noted that recreational tennis doesn’t have a dress code. Women and men play professionally and competitively under the same rules. In order to play tennis, what should women wear?

The traditional dress for women is a skirt or a dress with a polo shirt underneath. Tennis skirts and polo shirts aren’t suitable substitutes because they are specifically designed for tennis. Compared to the clothes women wore in the past, tennis apparel for women today is much more functional. It is common for women to wear their tennis skirts underneath compression shorts or in an all-in-one skort. 

Playing competitively requires that you check what to wear with the governing body as this can differ from one competition to another. You can also check sport bras for tennis.

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Can I wear leggings to play tennis?

That’s for sure. In 2019, the Women’s Tennis Association rolled out a rule permitting women to wear compression shorts and mid-thigh length leggings during matches. They have now made it clear in their guidelines, even though before there wasn’t an explicit rule against it.


What kind of clothing should I wear to play tennis?

A: You should wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you to move freely. Tennis-specific clothing, such as tennis shorts, skirts, and shirts made from moisture-wicking fabric, is a good option. Avoid wearing heavy, restrictive clothing that will weigh you down or limit your movement.

What kind of shoes should I wear to play tennis?

A: You should wear tennis shoes that are specifically designed for the sport. These shoes have a durable sole that provides good traction on the court and supports the quick lateral movements that are required in tennis. Avoid wearing running shoes or other types of athletic shoes, as they may not provide the necessary support and traction.

Should I wear a hat when playing tennis?

A: Wearing a hat can help protect you from the sun and keep sweat out of your eyes. A baseball cap or visor is a good option, as they provide shade without obstructing your vision.

Can I wear jewelry while playing tennis?

A: While it is not recommended to wear jewelry while playing tennis, small stud earrings and wedding bands are generally acceptable. However, necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings can pose a safety hazard and should be avoided.


When it comes to playing tennis, it’s important to wear clothing and footwear that is comfortable, breathable and allows you to move freely. Tennis-specific clothing made from moisture-wicking fabric is a good option, and tennis shoes are a must-have for the sport.

Wearing a hat and minimal jewelry can also help protect you and prevent distractions on the court. By dressing appropriately for the game, you can focus on playing your best and enjoying the sport.

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