Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and one of its biggest event, Wimbledon, attracts millions of viewers every year. One question we get asked from time to time is how often the tennis balls are changed at Wimbledon as they affect how well tennis players can perform.

At Wimbledon, new balls are used for every match that takes place. This means that any match that is played, whether it takes place on Centre Court or Court 18, will have new balls. The reason for this is that the bounce and quality of a new ball are crucial to how well a player can perform and how enjoyable the game is to watch.

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The specific model of tennis ball used at Wimbledon is the Slazenger Wimbledon Ball. The balls are stored in pressurized containers before they are used and must remain within a certain temperature range to ensure that they haven’t lost too much pressure or heat during transit or storage.

In the professional game, the first set of balls are to be used for the first seven games, and then balls are changed every ninth game thereafter according to ATP and ITF rules,. Each ball change consists of two sleeves of six balls.

You’ll notice the ball boys meticulous open and distribute the new balls, it looks like an army drill on the court. 

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The strict regulations and standards set by Wimbledon ensure that spectators get the best possible experience when watching a match. With new balls used for every match, players can put their all into the game and the quality of play remains high.

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How many tennis balls are used at Wimbledon?

This question is answered by how often are tennis balls changed at Wimbledon. It is estimated that between 50,000 and 55,000 tennis balls are used during the championships. That is a huge amount of tennis balls

What type of tennis balls are used at Wimbledon?

The official ball used at Wimbledon is the Slazenger Wimbledon Ball. Strict regulations are put in place to ensure that these balls are stored and transported correctly, so they always remain within a certain temperature range. This ensures that when players get on the court, the tennis balls are at optimum conditions for play.

How are tennis balls prepared for Wimbledon?

Before each match, the tennis balls are stored in pressurized containers. This ensures that they maintain their pressure and heat during transit and storage. This is how often are tennis balls changed at Wimbledon leads to better playing conditions for players and a more exciting spectacle for spectators.

Where do the used Wimbledon tennis balls go?

After a match, some of the used tennis balls are recycled and some are sold. They are sent to various charities and organizations to be reused for other sporting activities. The rest are sold at the championships to spectators with the money going to charity. This ensures that none of the balls go to waste and can still be enjoyed by others even after their use at Wimbledon.

Why are tennis balls changed so frequently at Wimbledon?

Tennis balls are changed frequently at Wimbledon to ensure that they remain in good condition and do not become too worn or damaged. Tennis balls can become less bouncy and less predictable in their flight as they get older, which can affect the quality of play. Changing the balls every seven games helps to maintain consistent playing conditions for the players.

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Are the tennis balls used at Wimbledon different from the ones used at other tournaments?

Yes, the tennis balls used at Wimbledon are different from the ones used at other tournaments. The balls used at Wimbledon are made by Slazenger and are specifically designed for use on grass courts. These balls are made with a special felt material that is more durable and water-resistant than the felt used on other types of balls.

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Do the players have any say in when the balls are changed?

No, the players do not have any say in when the balls are changed. The ball boys and ball girls are responsible for changing the balls every seven games, and this is done automatically without any input from the players.

Can the players request a change of balls during a match?

Yes, the players can request a change of balls during a match if they feel that the balls are not in good condition or are not performing as expected. However, this is generally not done unless there is a specific issue with the balls, as changing the balls can disrupt the flow of the match.

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Final Thoughts?

The Wimbledon Championships is a well oiled machine and this is the same with the rotation of tennis balls. There is a set format for change over of the balls during a match and each umpire and ball boys/girls know exactly when to change the balls over.  They do this with little to no disruption to the players

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