Shortest Women’s Tennis Players has always been an interesting topic of discussion in the world of sports. In a game where height and reach are considered to be advantages, these women have defied the odds and made their mark in the sport.

With their agility, speed, and precision, they have proven that size doesn’t always matter in tennis. Over the years, there have been several talented players who have made a name for themselves, despite their diminutive stature.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the shortest women’s tennis players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. From their impressive career achievements to their unique playing styles, we will explore what makes these players stand out from the rest.

Join us as we celebrate the tenacity and skill of these amazing athletes who have proved that size truly doesn’t matter on the tennis court. You can also check Shortest Men’s Tennis Players

There are a number of successful women’s tennis pros among the shortest players.

Here are the two criteria we used to make this list:

  • As a singles or doubles player, she earned at least one title over her career.
  • In the Top 100 of her career, she achieved a career high ranking
Player Country US size EU size
1. Nuria Llagostera Vives Spain 5’1″ 1.55m
2. Anna Smashnova Israel 5’2″ 1.57m
3. Lauren Davis United States 5’2″ 1.57m
4. Amanda Coetzer South Africa 5’2″ 1.58m
5. Rosemary Casals United States 5’3″ 1.59m
6. Misaki Doi Japan 5’3″ 1.59m
7. Dominika Cibulková Slovakia 5’3″ 1.60m
8. Jill Craybas United States 5’3″ 1.60m
9. Carla Suárez Navarro Spain 5’4″ 1.62m
10. Yulia Putintseva Kazakhstan 5’4″ 1.63m

Who are the most successful short women’s tennis players?

In this section, we will examine the top 10 most successful female tennis players from the previous list.

What Short Female Tennis Players Have the Highest Career Ranking?

Player Country US size EU size Highest ATP Ranking
Amanda Coetzer South Africa 5’2″ 1.58m 3
Rosemary Casals United States 5’3″ 1.59m 3
Dominika Cibulková Slovakia 5’3″ 1.60m 4

Amanda Coetzer

Shortest Women's Tennis Players

Over the period 1992-2001, Amanda was ranked in the WTA Top 20 for ten consecutive years.

Even though she was short, she made a significant impact in women’s tennis. A former top-ranked player, Amanda Coetzer gained her nickname “Little Assassin” because she has defeated several higher-ranked opponents.

She won 9 singles titles and 9 doubles titles during her career. As a result of her three Grand Slam semi-final exits, she also reached the third spot in the rankings.

It was the pride of the South African people to have Amanda as their daughter.

Rosemary Casals

Shortest Women’s Tennis Players

It was during the 1960s that Rosemary earned her reputation as a tennis rebel.

“In Raising a Racket: Rosie Casals, Alida M. Thacher quotes Casals as saying, “I wanted to be someone.” “I knew I was good, and winning tournaments — it’s a kind of way of being accepted.”

In those days, tennis was perceived as a sport for the rich, and her size and background made it difficult to succeed. Aside from that, she hated playing with white only and preferred wearing colorful clothing.

In doubles, Rosemary won 9 Grand Slam titles, while in mixed doubles, she won 3. During the span of her career, she earned 90 titles, reached a career-high ranking of 3 in the world in 1970, and earned $1.4 million in prize money.

Dominika Cibulková

Shortest Women’s Tennis Players

The early 2010s were marked by the rise to fame of Dominica, a tennis player from Slovakia. She competed at a very high level even though she was only 5’3″ tall, winning eight singles titles, including the 2016 WTA finals.

Cibulkova rose to World No. 4 in 2017 after reaching the final of the Australian Open in 2014.

She managed to amass more than $13 million in prize money in spite of injuries and her small size, which limited her ability to achieve more.

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Which short female tennis players have won the most titles?

Player Country US size EU size Singles Titles Doubles Titles Grand Slams
Rosemary Casals United States 5’3″ 1.59m 11 112 0
Anna Smashnova Israel 5’2″ 1.57m 19 0 0
Amanda Coetzer South Africa 5’2″ 1.58m 9 9 0

Rosemary Casals

Shortest Women’s Tennis Players

With a rich game and a poor background, she was one of the most fierce female players in the 1970s. In doubles, she won 11 Grand Slams with Billie Jean King and other top players.

A total of 11 singles titles and 112 doubles titles, all of which were Grand Slams, were earned by her at the end of her career.

Anna Smashnova

Shortest Women’s Tennis Players

Anna is a former Israeli tennis player who was born in the Soviet Union.

As a 5’2″ tennis player, she was quite successful, despite not being well-known to the younger generation. 

She has an incredible 12-1 record in WTA tournament finals, which makes her career unique. Her mental strength was outstanding in the finals, as shown by her virtually unbeatable performance.

Her performance in doubles wasn’t as impressive as in singles. It was Anna who made it to the world’s No. 15 spots in 2003 despite always being close to the top of the game.

Amanda Coetzer

Shortest Women’s Tennis Players

There were a number of amazing games played by the Little Assassin against top players like Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport, or Monica Seles.

As a short player, she had an impressive level of success in tournament finals with 9 wins and 12 losses.

As a doubles player, she has won 9 tournament finals and lost 14.

Although Amanda has played tennis for a long time, she has never won a Grand Slam. A semi-final appearance in both the Australian and French Opens was her biggest achievement.

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How much prize money have short female tennis players won?

Tennis pays a lot more than other sports over the years, which needs to be taken into account when ranking this sport. A few examples include:

  • A $350,000 prize was awarded to the winner of the US Open 1990.
  • A $800,000 prize was given out in 2000.
  • The winner in 2010 received $1.7 million.
  • Prior to taxes, the winner in 2021 had a net worth of $2.5 million.

It’s amazing how prize money has grown by 714% in just 30 years! Similarly, the Masters 1000, ATP500, and ATP250 tournaments all suffered similar outcomes. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of players since tennis became popular.

Let’s just stick with the official rankings, even though this ranking is relatively biased.

Player Country US size EU size Prize Money
Dominika Cibulková Slovakia 5’3″ 1.60m $13,725,520
Carla Suárez Navarro Spain 5’4″ 1.62m $11,920,116
Amanda Coetzer South Africa 5’2″ 1.58m $5,594,821

In recent years, tennis has paid a whole lot more than it did in the 1980s and 1990s, so both Dominika Cibulková and Carla Suárez Navarro played in these years.

As a result, the prize money they won was significantly higher than that of other short players.

Has Gem Hoahing ever been shorter?

Among the shortest tennis players ever to compete at Wimbledon, Gem Hoahing holds the Guinness World Records title.

At the 1937 championships, her height was 4’9.5′ (1.46 m).

When Gem Hoahing proved in the 30s and 40s that size doesn’t matter in tennis, the mantra of bigger is better didn’t exist.

Due to her popularity among British crowds, she gained the nicknames “Little Gem” and “Little Poker Face.”.

The 4th round was her biggest accomplishment at Wimby. As well as that, she won 4 titles in the singles category.

She operated a flower shop near Kensington Gardens after she retired and helped in charity work.

Despite her advanced age, she played charity tennis in her 80s until she passed away in 2015.

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Great Short Female Tennis Players

Despite being a great tennis player, it is relatively difficult to make a big impact at a height of under 5’4 ”.

In spite of being considered relatively short by the average tennis player, some players have achieved far better wins and records.

Player Country US size EU size Highest Ranking Singles Titles Doubles Titles Singles  Grand Slams Prize Money
Chris Evert United States 5’6″ 1.68m 1 157 32 18 $8,895,195
Billie Jean King* United States 5’5″ 1.64cm 1 129 87 12 $1,966,487*
Justin Henin Belgium 5’6″ 1.67m 1 43 2 7 $20,863,335
Ashleigh Barty Australia 5’5″ 1.66cm 1 15 12 3 $23,829,071
Simona Halep Romania 5’6″ 1.68m 1 23 1 2 $38,288,536

In spite of their short heights, all of the above players still managed to claim the World No. 1 ranking and remained there for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, they were crowned Grand Slam champions on multiple occasions.

  • A legend of tennis, Chris Evert owns 18 Grand Slam singles titles and is one of the most successful players of all time.
  • The Belgian Justin Henin-Hardenne is one of the most skilled and entertaining female tennis players in history. In the era of Serena Williams, she was the second most successful player with a single-handed backhand and a variety of shots.
  • Currently, Ashleigh Barty of Australia and Simona Halep of Romania are two female tennis powerhouses who have been at the top of the rankings for a long time. In comparison with tall opponents like Pliskova (6 ‘1 “), Azarenka (6’0″), Muguruza (6’0″), or Naomi Osaka (5’11”), their performance is impressive.
  • Finally, Billie Jean King does not need an introduction. According to LIFE magazine, she was among the “100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century.” In 1973, Billie became the first woman to beat Bobby Riggs in the battle of the sexes, developing respect and recognition for female athletes.

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In Summary

Player Country US size EU size Highest ATP Ranking Singles Titles Doubles Titles Singles Grand Slams Prize Money
Nuria Llagostera Vives Spain 5’1″ 1.55m 35 2 16 0 $2,636,375
Amanda Coetzer South Africa 5’2″ 1.58m 3 9 9 0 $5,594,821
Lauren Davis United States 5’2″ 1.57m 26 1 0 0 $3,732,157
Anna Smashnova Israel 5’2″ 1.57m 15 12 0 0 $2,274,431
Dominika Cibulková Slovakia 5’3″ 1.60m 4 8 1 0 $13,725,520
Jill Craybas United States 5’3″ 1.60m 39 5 6 0 $2,552,154
Misaki Doi Japan 5’3″ 1.59m 30 1 2 0 $3,604,337
Rosemary Casals United States 5’3″ 1.59m 3 90 3 0 $1,362,222
Yulia Putintseva Kazakhstan 5’4″ 1.63m 27 2 0 0 $5,529,634
Carla Suárez Navarro Spain 5’4″ 1.62m 6 2 3 0 $11,920,116

A summary of the shortest female tennis players ranked in the Top 100 with at least one official championship is shown in the table below.

There isn’t a singles Grand Slam title won by any of the players listed above.

Tennis legends like Rod Laver and Michael Chang had to overcome size limitations to win big titles, but this is not the case for the shortest male tennis players.


What is the effect of height on tennis?

There are certain aspects of tennis that can be benefited by height, including serving and hitting high shots, but height is not a prerequisite for success. The short player often compensates for his or her lack of height with speed and agility.

Are shorter tennis players at a disadvantage?

With the right skills and strategies, short players have proven that height is no longer an issue on the court.

Who is the shortest Grand Slam champion?

The shortest Grand Slam champion is 5’6″ Simona Halep, proving that height is not a determining factor in success.

How do shorter players compensate for their height?

Players who are shorter compensate by playing strategically, focusing on their strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses.

Are there specific training routines for shorter players?

It is important for shorter players to train in a manner that will enhance their agility, speed, and strength, in order to address the unique demands of their stature.

How has the perception of shorter players changed over time?

In recent years, tennis fans have evolved from viewing height as a limitation to celebrating the skills of shorter players.

What is the future of shorter players in tennis?

With tennis’ commitment to diversity, shorter players have a bright future, with increased opportunities and a shift in perception.

In short women’s tennis, who has had the greatest success?

Martina Hingis, who stood at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), is regarded as one of the most successful short women’s tennis players in history. During her tennis career, she won five Grand Slam singles titles as well as 13 Grand Slam doubles titles.

Do short tennis players have a chance of beating taller players?

Tennis players who are shorter can beat those who are taller. A tennis player’s height is only one factor that contributes to success in this sport, which requires both physical and mental skills. Taller players cannot outmaneuver short players since they have superior speed, agility, and court coverage.

What’s Next?

The Shortest Women’s Tennis Players stand tall in the diverse world of tennis, proving their exceptional skills cannot be limited by their height. In celebrating their successes, let’s acknowledge their contribution to tennis and hope we can embrace and celebrate players of all statures in the future.

Women’s tennis players like Martina Hingis, who was relatively short, have achieved enormous success in their careers. Whatever a player’s height may be, they can achieve success in tennis through a combination of physical and mental skills.

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