What Is the Height of a Tennis Net – Full Dimensions

Tennis is a sport that requires precision, accuracy, and strategy. Every aspect of the game, from the grip to the court surface, requires immense attention to detail.

One of the most crucial aspects of tennis to get right is the height of the net, a factor that plays a significant role in the game’s pace and style.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) recently made a significant announcement regarding the tennis net’s height in 2023. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the tennis net height strategy and its measurement to help players prepare for the upcoming changes.

What Is The Height of a Tennis Net?

Tennis Net Height

The standard tennis net dimensions, as set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), has a height of 42 inches (106.7 cm) at the posts and a height of 36 inches (91.4 cm) in the center.

It is crucial having the net set up at the right height for players.  Think about the hours and hours players spend hitting groundstrokes and volleys, trying to pinpoint the perfect shot over the net.  If the net is slightly off then a player may hit more of their balls into the net. 

As well as measuring the height across the net tape, the height of a tennis net is measured in the center and along its edges.

MeasurementHeight at CenterHeight at Posts

Official Tennis Net Height Rules

What Is The Height of a Tennis Net

Source: researchgate

There are several sources that can be used to determine the correct height of a tennis net. However, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) are the two most reliable resources for information on tennis rules and regulations.

Tennis is governed by the ITF, which is the governing body. ATF’s rules are used for officiating all professional tennis matches and ATP’s rules are used for women’s tennis matches.

Tennis nets should have a height of three and a half feet in accordance with ITF regulations and USTA guidelines. Afterward, a strap should be used to secure it so the net is three feet in the middle. The conversion to other measurements can be found here.

In addition, the dimensions of a tennis court influence the placement of net posts. There should be three feet between the net posts of the singles court and the doubles court for singles and doubles, respectively.

In some tennis courts, singles and doubles net posts are anchors, but they aren’t in the majority. Playing singles and doubles on the doubles court causes the side posts to be anchored three feet to the side of the court.

A single post example can be found below.

Tennis Net Height

Image Credit: @rolandgarros

Whenever that is the case, singles sticks should be used to raise the net three feet outside the singles court to the appropriate height. 

Why is the Height of a Tennis Net Lower in the Middle?

Tennis Net Height

There’s no way to apply enough tension to the cord or metal cable to make it straight the entire distance, which is why tennis nets are lower or sag in the middle because gravity pulls them down.

This is why players find it easier to hit the ball over the middle (lower part of the net). 

Tennis Net Height & Strategy

The difference in height of six inches between the sides and the middle of the net may not seem significant, but it significantly impacts a player’s strategies and shots.

As an example, think about the last time you hit the top of the net with a tennis ball. Surprisingly often, it happens.

To help paint a clearer picture, here are a few examples.

Crosscourt & Down the Middle

Hitting a ball over the middle of the net generally provides players with a larger margin of error, meaning they are less likely to miss. The same applies whether you play down the middle or across the court. This is where most rallies occur.

Down the Line

There are two main reasons why hitting down the line is more challenging than hitting up the line. Firstly, you must be precise since you are aiming for a small section of the court near the sidelines. Additionally, the side nets are higher than the center, so the ball must clear them higher.


In addition to the height of the net, the angle at which you hit a serve should also be taken into consideration. It’s a good idea to serve up the middle, also known as the “T,” if you’re hitting a hard flat serve with little spin.

Comparison of Net heights

Tennis Net Height

Many sports use nets, but each has its own regulations for how high they should be. Tennis net height varies even among juniors at the beginning of their careers.

Several common racket sports have different height requirements.

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A close cousin of pickleball, Padel tennis has a distinct set of rules and regulations that separate it from pickleball.

It’s also different from tennis in regards to the net for paddle tennis. Comparing the two net heights is shown below.

There is a similar measurement for net height for paddles in the rulebook of the American Platform Tennis Association.

Tennis nets are two inches higher in the center, and five inches higher on the sides.


Junior Tennis

Kids will use a different net height when they’re learning. 

Tennis is played on a 36-foot-long and 18-foot-wide court in the red division for children eight years or younger. A net height of two feet nine inches should be achieved at this stage.

The net height becomes standard at the orange stage, which is three feet six inches at the sides and three feet at the center. An overview of the various stages of junior tennis and the appropriate net heights can be found in the following table.

StageNet Height


There has been an explosion in the popularity of pickleball over the past few years. You may wonder how the net height varies between tennis and pickleball if you’re transitioning between sports. Comparing them is shown below.

According to USAPA (US Pickleball Association), the above pickleball net heights are accurate.

Pickleball nets have higher centers than tennis nets, but tennis nets have higher sides.

There is a slight difference in height between pickleball and tennis nets due to the smaller court size, but the size of the pickleball court is similar.


Beach Tennis

Tennis has many similarities to beach tennis, another up-and-coming sport. In beach tennis, the net height is significantly higher, which makes them significantly different.

Additionally, women and men have different net heights. Comparing the two sports is shown below.

In order to be precise, beach tennis nets are measured in meters, namely 1.8m and 1.7m. The measurements in the above table are rounded.

Beach tennis nets have the same height in the middle as they do on the sides, as you can see from the measurements above.

Beach Tennis (Men)5’11″/71″/1.8m/180cm5’11″/71″/1.8m/180cm
Beach Tennis (Women)5’7″/67″/17m/170cm5’7″/67″/17m/170cm

How to Measure a Tennis Net Height?

Tennis net measurements are very straightforward. Bring a three-foot measuring tape with you next time you head to a tennis court.

From the center of the net, where there is a center strap or white band attached to the ground, you use your measuring tape to measure straight up and down.

Especially at public courts, where no one checks the net regularly, I keep a small measuring tape in my bag. In many tennis clubs, nets are measured semi-regularly, but it’s still a good idea to check regardless of where the court is located.

How to Adjust a Tennis Net Height?

What Is The Height of a Tennis Net

The center strap is used to bring the net’s height down in the middle if it’s too high or too low after measuring it. It wraps around the net and anchors to the ground.

If you need to drop the net’s height, grab the white strap above or below the metal buckle. If you need to increase the height of the net, feed the strap through the buckle.

Center straps can be fussier when they get older, so be patient with them when adjusting them. The quality of some center straps and their ability to hold their position are important considerations.

Especially outdoors, if the court has a cheap center strap, you will need to periodically check the height as the weather, including wind, can quickly loosen it.

Further raising the net

You’ll need to tighten the net cord if losing the center strap does not get you to three feet or 36 inches.

You can raise the tennis net’s height by cranking tighter the reel on one of the tennis posts. Parks and recreation teams often remove the handles of these nets in order to prevent people from tampering with them or stealing them.

Depending on the situation, you have two choices. Most parks and recreation offices will happily raise the net for you if you contact them and ask.

Alternatively, you can use pliers or a wrench to adjust the height of the net. Performing these tasks at your own risk is not recommended, as you may damage or scratch the hardware.

Singles Sticks

If you want to adjust the net so that you can play singles at the correct height, you’ll need to bring singles sticks to most public courts.

Fortunately, single sticks are reasonably priced. The following options are available.

A measuring tape is still required to use them. The distance between the net and the singles sideline should be three feet.

Set the net height to 3 feet 6 inches by marking the spot with your singles stick and placing it straight up and down.

The anchors for doubles and singles posts are rare on some tennis courts. Wimbledon, for instance, features this at some of the Grand Slams. Due to singles posts being at the appropriate height, you will not need to use singles sticks on a court with singles posts.

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Tennis Net Height Checker

The net checker is a convenient device that lets you check the height of a tennis net at the center in a matter of seconds.

By holding them up to the center of a net, you can quickly and easily verify the height of a net by extending them to their full length. These might be of interest to you.

Luckily, there are plenty of simple measuring tools you can find on Amazon, such as the Amazon Basics 16-feet tape measure.

How Wide is a Tennis Net?

What Is The Height of a Tennis Net
  • Singles match: 10.06 m (33 ft) 
  • Doubles matches: 12.80 m (42 ft) 

Tennis nets are not uniform in width, just as they are not uniform in height. It depends on whether the match is a single or doubles match and what position the net posts are in. This leads to a change in the width of the net. 

Net posts are located inside tramlines for singles contests, 0.91 m outside singles sidelines. There is a net 1.83 m (6 ft) wider in singles than on the doubles court, which is 8.23 m (27 ft) wide. 

There are 0.91 meters (3 ft) of net posts between the tramlines on both sides of the court when it comes to doubles. Accordingly, the doubles net is 1.83 m (6 ft) wider than the doubles court, which measures 10.97 m (36 ft). To make it harder for players to hit past the net when there are two players on the court, a wider net is required. 

There is a maximum thickness of 0.8 cm (13.3 of an inch) on the cable/cord, while the posts themselves are 15 cm (6 in) wide or smaller.


Can you tell me the exact height of a tennis net?

A tennis net must be 42 inches high at the two posts and 36 inches high at the center, according to the International Tennis Federation. Tennis nets should be 3 feet high from the ground.u003cbru003eTennis players need to know the exact height of the tennis net since any change can affect the entire game.

How to adjust the tennis net height?

Using a stick, you can adjust the height of the tennis net. Easy to handle and quick to measure, the wooden stick is ideal for measuring the height of a net. The height of the game should be adjusted to 3 feet above the ground with the help of a wooden stick.

What is the purpose of lowering the tennis net in the center?

The inability to maintain tension leads to the tennis net being lowered at the center. In order to create a balance, the tennis net is lowered towards the ground by a white band; therefore, the poles are longer than the net’s width.

Final Thoughts?

Setting the right net height is essential for a successful game of tennis. The correct net height allows players to operate at their best, while making sure that the game is fair and enjoyable for all players. Adjusting the net height can be done with ease using a wooden stick, ensuring that your next competitive match will be played under the most ideal conditions. So make sure you check your net height before starting the game! 

Happy hitting! 🙂

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