Iga Swiatek Racket – What Does She Use in 2024?

Known for her winning record, Iga Swiatek was born on 31 May 2001. A young player in the Top 10 of the WTA, she is currently the youngest in the top 10.

With Roland-Garros, her first Grand Slam title, and her first tour-level title, in 2020, she has set the benchmark of the new era of womens tennis.

Despite losing form the following year, she won her first WTA 1000 title in Rome to save the year.

She began to accumulate titles after Ashleigh Barty retired in 2022, eventually becoming the World No. 1.

In 2013, Serena Williams held the longest winning streak in tennis until Iga’s 28-match winning streak.

In her game, Swiatek uses a variety of tactics to maintain her aggressiveness. In addition to her solid serve, she also has powerful groundstrokes. She has a supreme level of tactical awareness, carefully constructing points before attacking at the right moment. She is the picture of focus in her game and always looks like she gives 110%. 

In response to people asking, here’s what racket she uses.

Tecnifibre Tempo 298 is the racket that Iga Swiatek currently uses.

Iga Swiatek Racquet

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Background on Iga Swiatek’s Racket 

Iga Swiatek currently uses the Babolat Pure Drive racquet, which is one of the most popular racquets among professional tennis players. Pure Drive is known for its power, spin, and maneuverability, making it a versatile weapon on the court.

The racquet has a relatively large head size of 100 square inches, which provides a generous sweet spot for hitting the ball cleanly. The string pattern is 16×19, which allows for plenty of spin and control. The racquet is made of graphite and has a weight of 300 grams (unstrung), which is on the lighter side for a professional-grade racquet.

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How Iga Swiatek’s Racket Helps Her Game

One of the main advantages of the Babolat Pure Drive is its power. The racquet’s stiffness and string pattern allows for explosive shots that can generate a lot of pace and spin. This is especially important for players like Iga Swiatek, who rely on their aggressive play style to dominate their opponents. With the Pure Drive, she can hit powerful groundstrokes that push her opponents back and set up opportunities to finish points at the net.

Another key advantage of Pure Drive is its maneuverability. The racquet is relatively light, which allows for quick and easy movements on the court. This is especially important for players like Iga Swiatek, who need to be able to move quickly in order to cover the court and track down difficult shots. With Pure Drive, she can make swift and precise movements that give her an edge over her opponents.

Iga Swiatek Racket Specs

A new racquet for Iga was updated in 2022 by Tecnifibre, a French company. Despite being lightweight, the racquet only weighs 298gr / 10.5oz.

According to Lacoste’s director of marketing, the racquet was adapted for best optimization based on Iga’s feedback.

With new materials like XTC fiber, aluminum, and polyester, the Tempo 298 offers more speed and controlled power.

Moreover, the new frame disperses energy as efficiently as possible due to brilliant shock absorption.

Its easy accelerations, control, and spin make the racquet ideal for Swiatek and other women players.

This stick’s only drawback is its low weight, which makes it unstable.

In this document, you will find the specs of Swiatek’s new Tecnifibre Tempo 298.

Head size95 in²
Unstrung weight298gr
Balance13in / 33cm / 4 pts HL

The Tecnifibre Tempo 298 tennis racquet has the following Pro features:

  • A combination of precision T-Fight with mobility T-Rebound is really nice
  • Plays very easily
  • Solidly dampened with foam
  • The new look is vibrant

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Iga Swiatek Racquet Strings

The strings used by Iga Swiatek are from the Tecnifibre Razor Code 17/1.25.

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A firm and precise co-poly monofilament, this is also used by top player Daniil Medvedev. These strings are designed to take cuts and place the ball accurately.

As well as providing superb control and spin, the Razor Code is also very responsive.

To determine the impact properly, you will not need a mix with a natural gut. A sweet sensation can be felt when hitting the ball with the Razor Code.

It allows the string to soften due to the use of Thermocore technology, which incorporates polyurethane and polyester during different stages of construction.

Those who combine serve volleys, baseline exchanges, and drop shots with this string will find this string works well for them.

Are Iga Swiatek’s racquets for sale?

It is possible. Anyone can buy a racquet online or in any physical store, and she uses a racquet available to the general public.

Many players use modified racquets or pro stock, but Iga actually plays with retail racquets without any modifications.

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How does Iga Swiatek play tennis?

A Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket is currently in use by Iga Swiatek.

Where does Iga Swiatek wear her tennis shoes?

Swiatek wears Asics Gel-Resolution tennis shoes as part of his sponsorship deal.

Does Iga Swiatek prefer a particular tennis apparel brand?

In addition to wearing Nike tennis apparel on the court, Iga Swiatek is sponsored by Nike.

How does Iga Swiatek accessorize during her matches?

Iga Swiatek wears a visor to shield her eyes during matches, which is very common among female volleyball players.


In the tennis world, Iga Swiatek is a rising star because of her powerful shots and impressive footwork. As a professional, she chooses equipment that will optimize her performance on the court, such as rackets, shoes, and apparel.

Swiatek shows off her skills and style while remaining comfortable and supported during matches with trusted brands such as Babolat, Asics, and Nike. In general, the gear that she chooses reflects her dedication to the sport and her desire to compete at the highest level.

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