Do Female Tennis Players have to Wear Skirts at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. As such, it has a long history of tradition which includes its dress code for competitors. So do female players have to wear skirts at Wimbledon?

The short answer is no. The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), which organizes the tournament, changed its dress code in 2018 to allow players to “wear any color or style of clothing” as long it is “almost entirely in white.” This includes shorts and skirts.

However, some female players do choose to wear skirts at Wimbledon out of tradition or personal preference. For instance, Serena Williams has been seen wearing a variety of skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits at the tournament. 

Ultimately, do female players have to wear skirts at Wimbledon? No, they do not.  The good news is that we live in a different era now and female players are able to wear many different outfits of their choosing, as long as they comply with the rules. The AELTC’s dress code is very open-ended and allows players a lot of freedom when it comes to fashion choices on the court.

That being said, many do choose to wear skirts for a variety of reasons. Whatever the choice, it is up to each individual player as to what they decide to wear.

What is the dress code for female tennis players at Wimbledon? 

do female tennis players have to wear skirts at wimbledon

The dress code for female tennis players at Wimbledon is the same as it is for all competitors; “almost entirely in white.” This includes shorts and skirts, though some do choose to wear skirts out of tradition or personal preference.

As long as their clothing abides by the color restrictions, players are free to wear whatever style they feel most comfortable in.

The dress code has been in place since 2018, but there was a change to the rules in 2023 to allow women to wear colored undershorts for the first time, in a change from historic dress code. This is a major victory for women. 

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Dress code for Wimbledon Competitors

1) From the moment the player enters the court surround, competitors must wear nearly entirely white tennis attire.

2) The term white does not include off-white or cream.

3) Neither a solid mass nor a panel of color should be present. The cuff of the sleeve and the neckline can be trimmed in color with only one centimeter (10mm) of width.

4) Within patterns, colors will be measured as if they were solid masses and should fall within the 10mm guideline. It is not acceptable to create logos using variations in material or pattern.

5) Shirts, dresses, tracksuit tops, and sweaters must have white backs.

6) There may be one trim of color along the outside seam of shorts, skirts, or tracksuit bottoms that is no wider than one centimeter (10mm).

7) There must be a single trim of color on caps, headbands, bandanas, wristbands, and socks no wider than 1 centimeter (10mm).

8) All parts of the shoe, including the soles, must be white. It is not recommended to display large logos of manufacturers. Grand Slam rules must be followed when it comes to grass court shoes. Particularly, shoes with pimples on the outside of the toes are forbidden. Smooth foxing is required around the toes.

9) The undergarments must be completely white (including any perspiration that may appear) except for a single colored trim no wider than one centimeter (10mm). Furthermore, common standards of decency must always be observed.

10) White medical supplies and equipment are preferred, but colored equipment may be used if necessary.

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This rule applies to all clothing worn on The Championship courts, including tracksuits and sweaters, during practices and matches, according to the Wimbledon website.

What Should I Wear to Wimbledon?

When attending Wimbledon, it is important to dress for the occasion. Generally speaking, smart casual attire is appropriate with flat shoes or trainers being the preferred footwear. Though bright colors are discouraged, you do not need to stick strictly to a white-only style as was previously required of competitors. Both men and women should wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move in, as Wimbledon is an outdoor event and the weather can be unpredictable.

What should I Not Wear to Wimbledon?

do female tennis players have to wear skirts at wimbledon

At Wimbledon, it is important to remember that you are attending a prestigious event and should dress accordingly. As such, some items of clothing should be avoided; these include anything too revealing or inappropriate, beachwear, fancy dress costumes, ripped or torn clothing, and any item with logos that do not comply with the official Wimbledon regulations. It is also discouraged to wear too much white as it can create visual distractions on the court.

Final Thoughts?

Though players are not required to wear skirts at Wimbledon, many female athletes choose to do so in order to adhere to the dress code that has been in place since the tournament’s inception. While some may see this as an outdated rule, others appreciate the tradition and deem it an important part of Wimbledon’s history. The good news is the outfits continue to evolve and we look forward to seeing what’s next in the fashion stakes. 

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