Tennis is a popular sport that requires agility, speed, and precision. Players need to move freely and quickly on the court to win the game. Many tennis players, including professionals, prefer to play shirtless at times in the heat.

Playing tennis shirtless not only provides freedom of movement but also helps players to keep cool during hot weather conditions. However, playing tennis shirtless is not without risks. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of playing tennis shirtless to help you make an informed decision.

Playing Tennis Shirtless: Pros & Cons

Playing Tennis Shirtless

Pros of Playing Tennis Shirtless:

  1. Freedom of Movement: Tennis requires swift movements and flexibility, and playing shirtless allows players to move their arms and torso freely without any restrictions.
  2. Stay Cool: Playing tennis in the scorching heat can be exhausting, and wearing a shirt can make players feel even more uncomfortable, especially if dripping in sweat. Playing shirtless can help players to stay cool and prevent heat exhaustion.
  3. Improves Body Awareness: Playing shirtless helps players to become more aware of their body movements, which can improve their technique and precision.

Cons of Playing Tennis Shirtless:

  1. Risk of Sunburn: Playing tennis shirtless exposes the skin to direct sunlight, which can lead to sunburn and skin damage.
  2. Skin Irritation: Tennis involves a lot of sweat and friction, and playing shirtless can lead to skin irritation and rashes.
  3. Social Aspect: Playing shirtless may be ok for you, but others on the court may not appreciate you playing with your top off. 

Tips for Playing Tennis Shirtless:

  1. Apply Sunscreen: Before playing tennis shirtless, make sure to apply a good quality sunscreen with an adequate SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.
  2. Wear Sweat-Absorbing Shorts: To prevent skin irritation and rashes, wear sweat-absorbing shorts that provide a comfortable fit.
  3. Choose the Right Court: Playing tennis shirtless is not suitable for all types of courts. Avoid playing on hard courts, as they can cause abrasions and injuries if you fall!.


Is it allowed to play tennis shirtless in public courts?

While playing tennis shirtless is not illegal, it may not be acceptable in all public courts. It is always better to check with the court authority before playing shirtless.

Is playing tennis shirtless more comfortable?

Yes, playing tennis shirtless provides freedom of movement and flexibility, and it can help players stay cool in hot weather conditions.

Can playing tennis shirtless cause skin damage?

Yes, playing tennis shirtless exposes the skin to direct sunlight, which can cause sunburn and skin damage. It is essential to apply sunscreen before playing shirtless.

Final Thoughts

You’ll only want to play shirtless in the heat and certainly not if it is raining or the middle of winter.

Playing tennis shirtless can be a fashion statement and provide freedom of movement, but it is not always allowed.  Certain courts will have certain rules from preventing it and players need to be aware of this.  

As a Professional player you must wear a shirt to play in all tournaments and there are specific requirements in place in each tournament.  For example Wimbledon requires players to wear all white clothing. 

If you decide to play tennis shirtless, make sure to apply sunscreen, wear sweat-absorbing shorts, and know the rules of the court before stripping off! 

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